Monday, September 29, 2008

Totally Normal!

In case anyone thought that I wasn't a normal mom (I have NO idea why someone would think this, but just in case!) this is what I did in a fit of frustration this morning. I truly get tired of saying the same things over and over (ie. nagging) and yet things don't change the way that I think they should. This morning C.12.B. got upset because P.9.G. left her shoes under the table and he went to put them IN her bed and write her a note as a "reminder". So, this prompted me (in my anger :( ) to write them all a note! Then, it kept going and going. I decided I would keep these up for a few days so that I didn't have to repeat myself.

I then repented of the anger, asked for forgiveness, and am moving on. I left the notes up though. Better than me nagging, right?!

The notes say things like: feed your dogs, train your dog, pick up your things; don't wake up in the morning only to lay back down on the couch, don't dump out milk, don't ask or expect to eat out each week, etc.

***Edited: A friend emailed me laughing at the advertisements on our sticky notes, considering we have 5 children! LOLOLOLOL This cracked me up, too, because I didn't even realize what I had written on. My sister works at a doctor's office and brings us sticky notes - which we use for everything. I grabbed the smallest one I could find (out of my newly cleaned out junk drawer) and started writing! It NEVER occurred to me what the advertisement was for. LOLOLOLOL I'll just say that we don't use medicine in our home, unless someone is really REALLY ill (coughing uncontrollably or with a serious infection), and that's all I'll say about that! LOLOLOL***

On a sweeter note, here's a pic of Baby A (5 months) in the swing when I took him out on Saturday.



Tasha said...

Yes girly, you are normal & Baby A is just a peach!!! I could just eat him up!!!

Grandma Jones said...

Oh my goodness. You are sooooo funny.

Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

At least you got it all out instead of keeping it in! LOL

Oh my-- what a BEAUTIFUL grin!!!

ShortCake's Creations said...

How funny! Hmm, maybe I should do the post-it note thing. I always feel like I'm nagging when telling them things over and over and over....

Kimbo jones said...

Hehe! That's hiliarious! I just haven't had time to read this until today! Love it! And I hope you still have enough, but just incase you run out, i'll try to get some before we can't get any more! :(


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