Sunday, June 29, 2008

Diving into Digital Scrapbooking

This has got to be one of the coolest things I have come across in FOREVER! I'm so pumped about it I don't know what to do! I think this could still fall under my scrapbooking hobby. I've made a commitment to not start any more hobbies, but if I'm exchanging one, it should be fine!

When I was talking to Big P (hubby) the other night about it, he asked me "what is the ultimate goal in scrapbooking anyway?" I answered "to get it done". He agreed and summed it up like this - as long as we can enjoy it as a family and you have fun doing it, who cares what means you take to get there. I couldn't agree more!

I think that there could be many advantages to this way of scrapbooking for me. I realize that this is definitely not the way for everyone, but so far, I've decided to dive in head first. Tanya for instance, would never do it this way, but she most definitely agreed that it was something for me.

Some friends that I met through my great friend, Tanya, showed me how to digi-scrap on Friday night. After talking to Big P about it, he reminded me that at one time I said "that's not real scrapbooking". Phooeee on me!

My laptop has become a great resource for me. I do most everything on this baby! I plan our homeschool time, meet friends, write, share, upload photos, and will now be adding to that repertoire scrapbooking.

Here are the advantages I see:

  • Cost - SERIOUS cost savings. There are so many freebies on the web for digital papers, stickers, fonts, photo templates, blah, blah, blah, that unless I was looking for something very specific, I would never need another piece of scrapbooking equipment again. After purchasing software, the only consumable items that you need to purchase are albums to put your pages in and then your pages, which you can print at costco VERY inexpensively. and if you did want to purchase something specific, the prices for digi-items are pennies on the dollar for traditional supplies. You can easily get an entire kit of items that are never consumable - 10 different papers, eyelets, brads, letters, die cuts, embellishments of all sorts for about $8 for the ENTIRE KIT. Much less than that many times.
  • Time - I think that once you know what you are doing, you could easily put a 2 page layout together in a matter of minutes.
  • Space - although I have downgraded all of my scrapbooking stuff in the last couple of years, it still takes up a lot of space. I could easily sell off my scrapbook stuff and give away most of it and go to the space that my computer and our time capsule or external hard drives takes up.
  • Portability - can you imagine being able to pick up and scrapbook at a moments notice???
  • Organization - this probably falls under space as well, but I have a serious NEED to have things organized. It makes my brain work in such a productive way. Organizing my scrapbook stuff has always been an issue for me, but keeping things organized on my computer is such a manageable task.
Big P was already planning to purchase the software to design our new family webpage -

Here is a link for a free ebook on how to get started with digital scrapbooking. I'll also share some links that Anna and Naomi shared with me.

Freebie templates and scrapbooking kits:

15 Things You Need to Know to Become a Digital Scrapbooker

This is from - this scrapper compiles links to several freebies all in one place each day! - lots of templates for arranging your photos on your digi-page. - way beautiful scrapbooking papers for free - things to purchase and TONS of beautiful freebies


Scrapbooking Weekend Update

We had a wonderful weekend scrapbooking from Friday to Saturday night. I finished journaling our San Francisco album and got all the page protectors put on. I'm ready to give it to Big P for his birthday today! :) He'll be really excited. I think we'll sit down tonight with a cup of coffee and enjoy it together - relieving that time together.

A.2m.B. was a heavy sleeper on Friday night, but I had a pretty hectic day on Friday and couldn't get in the mode for scrapbooking. So, I just enjoyed chatting with my buddies. :) I also learned about digital scrapbooking and will share that in my next post. Oh, I'm so going to be gangbusters on this one.

I was trying to my the computer journaling work and just gave up on that one. Too much trouble to format everythign perfectly to fit on an already made page. I just shortened things a bit. I actually came to our Alcatraz pages and said "what am I supposed to write? it was a prison!" This is definitely an area that C.12.B. could have elaborated in, but they were gone and having fun!

My mom wasn't able to come on Friday night because my dad wasn't feeling well, so she came on Saturday and we had a good time.

Ate too much food :(. I've repented and am starting a fresh. Got up this morning and had some quiet time with the Lord and worked on my Bible study - The Lord's Table. I'm stillll working on Lesson 4. It's a lot to digest.

Came home last night to an empty, hot (I had turned up the air to save electricity) house. It was pouring and I waiting in the car for a while so that the baby and I wouldn't get struck by lightening. LOL

I've been just vegging this morning, looking up all kinds of stuff on digi-scrapping and downloading all sorts of freebies. Wow!

Big P and the older 4 kidlets are on their way home after having a great weekend with Grandpa. They spent time at the beach, the Lexington aircraft carrier, the Corpus Christi Aquarium, and Sonic. They were going to the Original Whataburger and Big P's old house this morning before heading home. It will be a loooong time before their home. :(

Onto another post...


Friday, June 27, 2008

The Highway Option

You know the saying "it's my way or the highway!" And if you've seen The Pacifier then you probably remember Shane saying "no highway option!" Well, I'm coming to realize that there is a highway option when it comes to our journey in Christ. And it's not my way, it's God's way. I truly believe there is ONE way to interpret the Bible, but dozens of ways to apply it.

There are so many variables in life that we aren't all on the same journey, all at the same time. We are in various seasons of life and God is calling us to different things at different times. Now, when I say there is a highway option, I don't mean that it's okay to disobey God - exactly the opposite. When God has called you to something, you'd be better off to do it. But, some reading my blog may misinterpret my excitement for something as me condemning their way. I'm not. I'm just excited about what God is calling us to now, and the road He has asked us to take. In the practicalities of living these convictions out, we may not be on the same highway. But I do believe we all need to be heading in the same direction - Heaven bound! Living for His Glory, not our own.

So, all that to say that if you are choosing a different path for health, homeschooling, having babies, adoption, curriculum, country life vs. city life, etc. - not a problem. I pray that you always seek the Lord in whatever you do. And remember to be open to Him!

This is the road we have chosen. Or should I say, the road we feel has been chosen for us. We are just trying to go back to the ancient paths. But, we fall EVERY DAY! It's only through Christ's redemptive blood that we get back up and keep moving forward on this journey called Life. May you find true joy in your journey.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scrapbooking Weekend

I'm so excited! I'm about to put my stuff together for a scrapbooking weekend. My really great friend, put together a small scrapbooking thing for Friday night and all day Saturday. We are splitting the meals up and my mom and I are doing breakfast on Saturday. I'll be working on the journaling for our San Francisco album - that I completed (except journaling) forever ago. I realized while thinking about what I was going to work on what my deal is. I love to handwrite my journaling, but if you have read much of my blog, you can see why it would take so long. So, I've decided that I'm goign to start typing most of my journaling and doing handwriting on some of the shorter stories. I'm a story writer. My albums are FULL of journaling that my chidlren love to pour over! It doesn't matter to them how "great" I think the page looks, if it has a story on it, they are captivated. So, with my printer and laptop in tow, I'll be heading to scrapbook for the weekend.

I'm also going to take the photos and album for our recent trip to Missouri with me, in case I just whiz through that journaling. I can type much faster than I can write and I can stop and start at the conversations dictate. So, I believe I'll have time to get started on that other album.

I will have A.2months.B. with me, so that will be a bit more to handle than if I were by myself.

Big P and the oldest 4 children will be in Rockport visiting Grandpa! They are staying in a little cabin at the RV park and plan to see the Lexington and possibly the aquarium. They are going to the boardwalk to have Baskin Robins. They are also planning to go in Corpus to pick up a Whataburger where DH used to go all the time growing up.

Big P's birthday is on Sunday!!! He'll be 36. I can't believe it! We've almost been married 12 years. He's as much of a doll as he was when I married him and growing old together is bliss!


New Blog Design

Oh, I'm so extremely pleased with my new blog design. Amber at The Shabbee Chick Designs did a wonderful job. She sent me a questionnaire with several questions about me and my blog, colors, things I had in mind, and asked me to list other websites that I liked and which elements I liked best about them. Then she came up with an incredible design. She is definitely an artist. If I had to sum up what I really love about this design, it would be that it looks like a scrapbook page that I would create for our family album. I really really love it.

Thank you Amber!

ps. I even have this cool signature line!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some fun family pics

Just some things that go on at our house, day to day....

This is a paint by number that P.9.G. did the other day. It was a gift that she received from her Grandma and Grandpa. We were very impressed! She added the flowers and the shading on the trees herself - without instruction to do so! We got a frame for it and it will be going up on the wall soon. Big P is supposed to hang things tomorrow, but it may have to wait for Monday.

Then one night we had a "campout" for the big kids. They tossed down some blankets on the floor and ate marshmallows and played Uno. It was fun to watch them. Then P.9.G. asked us to tell scary stories. So, we were going along telling these goofy stories and she wanted to hear more scary stories. So, Big P comes out with this really creepy one that apparently he had heard in high school and really got her worked up. I knew that was a bad idea!! She started asking us to keep our bedroom door open, were we going to be up late, could Big P work in the living room, etc. Won't do that again - at least the scary stories part!

This afternoon, while we were all working on something, we looked over and saw B.4.B. crashed on the couch! I had read 3 stories to him and he had a great time with that. He had played on the floor with his bus, train, and cars and was just tuckered out!

And this is the pic of my big boy - C.12.B. He is a history buff! You can check out his new blog at Wrapped Up In History. He's having a great time writing and tweaking his blog. He would like to make it look like a newspaper. This pic is for him to add to his blog.

My baby is 2 months today

Can you believe it???? I know I can't. Wow, time is really flying with our little bitty one. He's so precious. Car rides are getting easier. We haven't hit the 3 month mark where they seem to stop the crying fits EVERY time they are in the car seat, but we are headed in that direction. He's content for longer periods of time and easily entertained. If I can get him into the seat while he is sleeping, he usually stays asleep and thus doesn't cry.

He is a little bundle of joy, though - crying and all. He's starting to smile and coo and watch his brothers and sister. He loves to just lay on a blanket on the floor and look around at us. You can show him things and he will follow them.

A.2month.B. still loves the SlingEZee and I'm still as impressed as I was the first time I put it on - more so, I'm sure. It is the most comfortable sling I've ever worn. We took him in a couple of weeks ago and he weighed in at 12.5 lb. I'm sure he's put on at least a pound since then and it's still very comfortable. He likes sitting in it facing the front at times.

Haven't figured out a pretty way to put these pictures on here, but wanted you to know that I'm so very blessed!!!!

Coming soon...

to Mama's blog - a new blog design!!

I'm so excited. Amber at ShabbeeChick Designs is almost done with my design. It is looking gorgeous and soooo me. She'll be finishing it up tonight and installing it. I'm very impressed with her professionalism, her work and design. She has a real eye and made my thoughts come to fruition. Her price is impossible to beat, as well.

Oooooh, just can't wait!!

In His Grip,

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The best language arts lesson ever

in my opinion!

We are finally starting to learn the ways and methods that Charlotte Mason so strongly promoted over a hundred years ago. In doing so, we came across Intermediate Language Lessons by Emma Serl. Wow!

First I must say that this is a curriculum (can you call it that?) that I would have never envisioned myself using a year ago, or even when we first started homeschooling. But, thank you Jesus, I have caught Your vision for our family and how we should be homeschooling.

My oldest son is a talker and a thinker. He LOVES interacting with me and our whole family. He's so stinkin' smart and yet he was really struggling with Language Arts at times. Not because he didn't understand it, necessarily, but because he was reading the how-tos on a piece of paper and wasn't interacting with the creator of the workbook. He was learning grammar - and lots of it, but there isn't a whole lot of thinking when it comes to grammar - let's be honest. I think he was feeling bogged down with all the nuts and bolts of the lesson instead of actually learning.

I bought the book used on Amazon and gave it a shot. It cost us less than $10, so I thought "it won't be a total loss if it doesn't work." I even started it reluctantly because I just thought it couldn't be that easy. Many of the ladies on the MFW group were saying that they did much of the lessons orally - this would be a DREAM to my son, who just really hates handwriting.

So, we began....

We aren't turning back. He's in 6th grade and when we finish this school year, he'll be moving onto the nuts and bolts stuff in a better laid out manner - a recommendation from MFW. But, I can honestly say that I will miss these lessons with him.

Just to give you an idea of some of the things that we have done in the past couple of weeks:

We have conversed over the hows and whys of homeschooling - who pays for it, what the jobs of us as his parents are in our homeschool, how things work in our homeschool, etc. The lesson suggestion was to do this about the school, but it was written in something like 1913, so we adapted. The questions were all there for me to ask him and he had to answer in complete thoughts.

Today we had a debate!! A real debate along with outlines that each of us made. The debatable statement was something to the effect of "A girl or boy is better prepared for business work if they graduate with a high school education than if they just completed the elementary courses and started working." He took the affirmative and I the negative. Daddy (Big P) (the Principal) had to evaluate who had the better argument. We both learned a ton. I learned a lot from him and we had a great conversation in the meantime.

ooh, ooh, I almost forgot (editing is wonderful!)... one day we did a picture study on The Gleaners. This is where you look over a piece of art work or picture and you study it and ask yourself or answer questions about the picture in order to really understand what the artist was really trying to portray in the piece. Great conversation skills in this, looking for detail, thinking, being descriptive - all of these are essential for writing well.

It was really absolutely wonderful. P.9.G. is begging to start these lessons. This book goes from 4th to 6th grade, so she will be starting with our new school year. I'm sure that she'll know LOTS of the mechanics of grammar that are in the book, but we will be able to learn so much together as we interact in this very special way - learning.

I'm teaching my children to be thinkers and how to learn. They aren't memorizing things for a test and promptly dumping the information.

Oh, we have also gone onto narration. Wow - what a concept!! We will be starting copywork soon - this method is from the Bible! Who would have thought? I'm sure I'm one of the last people on this wagon, but boy am I glad to have finally made the switch in thinking and in doing.

I know that we have learned a lot. Even though there are times when I think "I can't do this anymore", I know that God keeps me going. Even when there are times that I really blow it, God keeps me going and humbles me through it all. And my sweet DH is so precious to go with the flow of my whims. I'm stuck on this Charlotte Mason thing, though. I believe that it is and is going to meet the educational needs and learning styles of my children.

Best of all, I'm learning to relax through it all. I did say learning! Relaxing is very hard for me to do....

In Christ,

Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy day...

Wow - I feel like I accomplished a lot today. yeah!!
  1. Took children (2, 4, & 5) with me to laundry mat to strip cloth diapers.
  2. While waiting on the diapers at the laundry mat, went to library. Didn't have card with me so asked them to hold our books until tomorrow.
  3. Came home and started lunch.
  4. While I was making lunch C.12.B. was mowing lawn, Big P was hanging the wet, clean diapers on the fence line for sun bleaching. This is one of the final steps in preparation to sell them all.
  5. Had delicious lunch.
  6. After lunch we started schoolwork. Big ones did independent work while I nursed A.2m.B. B.5.B. watched movie for quiet time and fell asleep on couch.
  7. Cleaned out most of front entry.
  8. Did Intermediate Language Lessons with C.12.B. P.9.G. is BEGGING to start this. Soon, deary, very soon!
  9. Did science (yeah for Apologia Elementary).
  10. Made and ate dinner while watching Creatures that Defy Evolution.
  11. Trained dog with P.9.G.
  12. Got diapers off line.
  13. Exercised with Walk Off the Pounds DVD.
  14. Shop vac'd up 2 gallons of water from the bathroom floor.
  15. Put boys to bed.
  16. Helped C.12.B. find owner's manual online for the lawnmower he is going to use to start his small engine repair instruction through 4-H.
  17. Helped C.12.B. fix up his blog a bit and edit a post.
going to bed to read for a bit and SNOOZE! Tomorrow is errand/grocery/chick-fil-a day, so have to get an early start.

In Him,

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Homeschool Curriculum For Sale

I accept paypal or check (have to wait for check to clear). Please email me at if you are interested. I’m willing to make a deal for purchasing multiple items.

Christian Light Education (CLE) stuff – all are Sunrise edition -

Math 5 – Complete Set – Brand New - $25 ppd

Language Arts 4 – $16 ppd

**Includes: Teacher’s Guidebook, Answer Keys, LUs 406-410 unmarked

Reading 6 – $14 ppd

**Includes: Teacher’s Guidebook, Answer Key, LUs 604, 605 unmarked, Calls to Courage (great condition)

Social Studies 3 – $13.50 ppd

**Includes: Teacher’s Guidebook w/ answer keys, LU 305-306, Living Together on God’s Earth (good condition, with some shelf wear on cover and binding)

Scope and Sequence set – brand new in package - $3ppd

Homeschool Handbook – great condition - $15ppd

Other Homeschool stuff:

The Home School Organizer by Gregg Harris - $20ppd

Great condition. One page in back that needs reinforcements.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Meez

Isn't this fun?!

we LOVE camping and I usually do the hairbrush/singing thing at home with my children - not out at the state park, but you get the idea. :)

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

And the winner is....

Abiding Joy! Hubby did a random number pick. Congratulations KB! You can check out Abiding Joy's blog at

KB, I'll have Nancy Baetz email the copy of your book to you. Congrats. Hoping that it helps you to cut Visionary Jr. and Commando Jr.'s hair. :)

Blessings in Christ,

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Freebie!!! Giveaway!!

Don't know what else you would call this! I've exhausted all the things I can think of.

Anywho, Nancy Baetz, Author of Haircuts for Little Men, has so graciously offered to let me give away a free copy of her book!

Here's how it will work.

I don't have any fancy clickable box to put up or even the time (let along knowledge) to create something like that. So, this will have to do! :)

1. Leave a comment on my most recent post - LittleBit Mama's Barbershop. Try to be nice! LOL

2. Post a link to my blog on your blog.

3. Email me ( that you did so and include the link to your blog.

4. I will compile all the entries and randomly pick someone to be the grand recipient of this wonderful little book! I'll do the drawing on Saturday evening (the 21st) at 7pm.

This should be fun as it is my first opportunity to do something like this.

Blessings in Christ,

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Littlebit Mama's Barbershop

I believe it was on my previous blog at homeschoolblogger that I posted pictures of a haircut that I have little "L". Well, that was sort of a "wing it" kind of a thing.

I'm now learning how to cut my boys' hair!! Last night I picked up a pair of haircutting shears at Walmart. I then got Nancy Baetz's ebook "Haircuts for Little Men". You can pick up your copy through this link for a discount. I read through the instructions, washed their hair, and went to work (at our kitchen table, of course!). Wow!! What a great book! Very well done!!

Below are the results of which I am very happy with. I did B.4.B's first, because he needed a haircut the worst. I cut it a little shorter than I like, but it will be grown out again in 2 weeks - no prob. Like Nancy mentions in the book, and like I have always believed - Hair grows back! I remember when P.9.G. cut her hair. I think she was 2 or so. Most of my friends and family were having conniption fits, but not me! It grows back!!! L.2.B. was very fidgety, but we got it done. Practice makes perfect, or progress at the very least. I'm looking forward to saving some buckage in this area. C.12.B. even said that he would let me cut his!! P.9.G. is getting her bangs cut by Mama in the morning. :)

For descriptions on the pics, click the picture then click notes.


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