Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ReFreshing Time - Home Education Myths

Do you care to go on this journey with me? You don't have to be doing this course right along with me to get the benefit from what I am learning. I'd just like to share what God is doing in my heart at this time, and hopefully you will find it useful in your own life.

Yesterday I read this awesome little booklet by Karl Reed, Home Education Myths. You can pick it up at Barb Shelton's website by searching "myths". It's $1.25 worth of great stuff!!

So, in going through this Season of Re-education and Re-newing of the mind - which I will from this point forward call my ReFreshing Time, I am to write down my thoughts on the books and articles I read. I thought I'd share them here as well, for accountability, and for my Petie to keep up with. Sometimes with his schedule, it's hard for us to get a chance to really talk about everything that's on our minds during the week and by the time the weekend is here, I've forgotten some of the the things I wanted to share.

Here goes:

After reading the whole booklet, here are the myths I was locked into believing.

Myth: More of Everything, Educational tools, books, etc. is better.

My thoughts: I think that I have finally come to a place where God is getting through to me about the sheer amount of things we have (curriculum, books that aren't great, and stuff).

Myth: Home Education creats hardship upon parents.

My thoughts: I have come to complete burnout, which is probably what made me seek out something better for our family and homeschool to see that it doesn't have to be so hard.

Myth: Home education is a radical new idea.

My thoughts: As I was reading this book, I was thinking that Karl Reed was before his time. I realized that the whole public school was new compared to God's ideas for a family and their children. Karl Reed was actually way more in tune with God's ways before the "new homeschool movement" really had begun.

I have also now read several articles from Barb's Homeschool Guide-a-Log, including Help! I need to homeschool and I have no idea where to start, Bringing them home, decide to be a homeschooled mom, and the stitchery. I think you can find most of these articles on her website, here, I just prefer to have something in my hands to read in most cases (Pete is slapping me upside the head with my iphone saying "read from this!" haha).


Monday, April 27, 2009

Project 365 continues

I did paper scrap this weekend with my darling Paige for the first time since July! We had a great time. Other than that, Project 365 seems to be the only scrapbooking I have time for these days. And truthfully the only reason I'm keeping up with it is because I'm committed to it (and the incentive goodies at Weeds & Wildflowers are really nice!). When I decided to start this - about 3 weeks after the beginning of the year, I was determined that I would see it through to the end. Well, we are almost 4 full months into it and I'm going strong. I have realized that I simply must jot down my notes each day on a ongoing journal on my laptop, or I simply won't remember what we did, how I felt, or any such other important (but not earth shattering) details.

So, here are my last 2 Project 365 Layouts.


Season of Re-Education & Re-Newing of the Mind

I'm going to try to make this short (ha!) as time is of the essence. I just had to share what God is doing with me right now, because it is just so cool and exciting (and a little scary).

If you have read my blog or been a close friend, you have no doubt seen many changes in our homeschool and curriculum. It seems we are always changing something, doing something different, changing styles, etc. I mean ALWAYS! As I was working on our plan for this next year, I pretty much came to a plan that I figured was workable and included the academics that my children needed. Pete and I had discussed it at length and decided what would be good. All the while, I've been praying... and praying... and praying. Pete's been praying for me, for our direction, for our home, as well. And every morning I was waking up with an uneasiness in my spirit as I contemplated this plan. I just kept searching for what the "best" was for us and coming up with various plans, curricula, and ideas - although consistent were not really easing my spirit. Every morning I get up to do quiet time and I just say "Lord, I'm giving this to you." I have to admit that it usually takes a few days of me saying that and praying about it continuously before I actually completely release it.

Well, yesterday I think I completely released it. Yet, all of you (if you've known me for any length of time) have to know that my mind never stops and I have to be constantly working on something - so I progressed with our plan and just kept giving it over to God "if this isn't what you want for us, please show me what you want." So, last night I pulled up a website that I had found LONG ago - because it is at this time that I just needed and oasis. I just needed a refreshing time. I re-read the article Help! I Need to (Re)Start Homeschool and I Have NO Idea Where to Start!" which I had read so many years ago. I had even ordered several of the materials for the course and even started it. But, like much of everything else in my life, I never finished, and wasn't really open to what God had for us in our home and homeschool. I had a way that seemed right (prov. 14:11-13), but now that we have been doing this for 8 years, I am realizing that my motives were wrong and that no curriculum is going to bring my children to where they need to be unless my heart is right in teaching them.

So, I read the article, and went to bed. This morning I woke up and I had that uneasiness again. I started working on my memory verse - II Corinthians 4:16-18, and it occurred to me that this verse was all about our homeschool - the outer man is decaying (academics will be gone!) and our inner man is being renewed day by day (do I have my children's hearts and am I leading them towards God to be renewed day by day?). Wow!

So, I just sat there and all these thoughts start coming to me in a slow and steady way, not rushing in, but in a quiet way so that I could take them all in. I really feel like God is showing me that I need to be renewing my mind and get a more complete understanding of His idea of how my children should be educated - instead of making a plan and asking Him to bless it (which is what I have been guilty of the last 8 years). In doing this, I know I will find refreshment and joy that has been lacking. I'm seeking the freedom that Christ brings!!!

So, in the midst of this, my children are going to continue on their math work, their copywork, and we are going to finish our Time Travelers Colonial Life study. I also grabbed a couple of books today at the library that were part of the Ambleside Online lists. No need to worry, they are still "doing school", but I am relaxing and resting in the fact that God has something big He is doing in all of us!!

One big thing that we are going to be working on is order and a routine for our day and good habits. We have been severely lacking in this area.

This is a bit scary for me as well, because I thought I had always found security in a plan, in a man-made schedule and plan for our homeschool. I finding that the reason we have never been truly happy and able to stick with something is because I have never really sought God in a real and mighty way for educating my children. His ways are so much higher than mine!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Collage #1

In my current photography class, Photographing Children and Babies, we are working on the assignment: Shooting a Child as a Botanical. We are also making a framable collage from the super close ups. I'm not super pleased with the color on the middle photo, so I think I'm going to work with it a little more before turning it in.

Here's my first one. I would like to do one of these for all my children. The older ones would have more of an "object" in them (book, handwork, etc.) as they aren't like babies and you can't take pictures of all their little fat rolls and stuff. I'm going to work on Paige, Brason, and Landon's this weekend. Christian and Pete will be out of town for a canoeing scout trip!

I'd love to know what you think. :) Also, toss me some ideas of what kind of pictures you would shoot of an older child - close ups, please.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My baby is turning 1

Yes, already! I can't believe it!! Oh I was just pondering this morning about how fast they grow up and how we just have to cherish every single moment. I've been doing a lot of decluttering around here, but mostly just of my commitments! I've gotten off all but one creative team and off the Scraps Matter Gang. I just had a real wake up call a few weeks ago that everything was adding too much pressure and I need to clear out the things that God didn't want me doing. He has called me Wifehood and Motherhood - that's it! Anything else has to take a backseat to that and unfortunately the CTs were getting in the front seat. :( I want to cherish these times with my children and I want to be a good mommy for them. That requires that I have plenty to give them - my time and my patience. I'm called to disciple my children and I want to do that wholeheartedly!

I haven't posted in so long because I feel like I always have to get on here and make some major update. Shame on me and my perfection!!!! I'm back to doing flylady. I haven't done that in a long time. It's really helping to shape my house back up! We had our babysitter over tonight and she acted as mother's helper, helping me with the boys while Paige and I got a bunch of things cleaned out. She is a huge blessing and like a big sister to Paige!

I've also been doing some major curriculum research and reading. Please pray for me for guidance. I know that God has called us to homeschool. I know that He has led us to a more natural approach for learning and we are really enjoying more Charlotte Mason methods. But, I still need some direction on specifics, so I covet your prayers!

I snapped this pictures of my little baby boy and had to shared it. It's the only reason I got on here and you still got an earfull!

My photography class is going so very awesomely! I absolutely LOVE it! I was trying to do an assignment of capturing the little parts of my little ones (ears, noses, chubby hands and legs, etc.) and Aiden didn't want any part of it. He just wanted me to hold him, so he starts just crying! I just had to take one more and this is what I got! Talk about capturing the moment! Who ever said that they always have to be laughing or smiling to capture the real stuff?!!

Night friends!!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I can't remember when I last did a slideshow of my layouts, but I think these should all be new to you. You can speed it up to go through them faster. I needed to clear out my "new layouts" folder. Most of these were done in February. Didn't do too much last month, just 365 and a few challenges. I've done 1 layout this month! LOL I've really had a lot of other things going on and just been in kind of a funk about scrapping. I think I snapped out of it tonight when I did a speed scrap in 10 minutes. Still didn't make it in time, but only by 1 minute. :( Happy with the LO! It's the one of big P and me on our recent photo shoot.



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