Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ReFreshing Time - Home Education Myths

Do you care to go on this journey with me? You don't have to be doing this course right along with me to get the benefit from what I am learning. I'd just like to share what God is doing in my heart at this time, and hopefully you will find it useful in your own life.

Yesterday I read this awesome little booklet by Karl Reed, Home Education Myths. You can pick it up at Barb Shelton's website by searching "myths". It's $1.25 worth of great stuff!!

So, in going through this Season of Re-education and Re-newing of the mind - which I will from this point forward call my ReFreshing Time, I am to write down my thoughts on the books and articles I read. I thought I'd share them here as well, for accountability, and for my Petie to keep up with. Sometimes with his schedule, it's hard for us to get a chance to really talk about everything that's on our minds during the week and by the time the weekend is here, I've forgotten some of the the things I wanted to share.

Here goes:

After reading the whole booklet, here are the myths I was locked into believing.

Myth: More of Everything, Educational tools, books, etc. is better.

My thoughts: I think that I have finally come to a place where God is getting through to me about the sheer amount of things we have (curriculum, books that aren't great, and stuff).

Myth: Home Education creats hardship upon parents.

My thoughts: I have come to complete burnout, which is probably what made me seek out something better for our family and homeschool to see that it doesn't have to be so hard.

Myth: Home education is a radical new idea.

My thoughts: As I was reading this book, I was thinking that Karl Reed was before his time. I realized that the whole public school was new compared to God's ideas for a family and their children. Karl Reed was actually way more in tune with God's ways before the "new homeschool movement" really had begun.

I have also now read several articles from Barb's Homeschool Guide-a-Log, including Help! I need to homeschool and I have no idea where to start, Bringing them home, decide to be a homeschooled mom, and the stitchery. I think you can find most of these articles on her website, here, I just prefer to have something in my hands to read in most cases (Pete is slapping me upside the head with my iphone saying "read from this!" haha).



Brandi said...

great post and I am glad mythbusters (God) has shown you the Truth.

heartsjoy said...

Thank you for sharing.


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