Friday, October 5, 2007

Our baby's heartbeat!!!

As I have said before, it doesn't matter how many times you hear that first heartbeat of your baby, it never gets old. This is my 6th pregnancy and it is still grand. We didn't get to hear the heartbeat of our last baby, so this was especially longed for!!!

We visited the midwife today. We will be using a student midwife with a supervising midwife at the birth center we have used twice now. We really love these ladies!! Everyone we have met there has been wonderful.

Today, after we did all the first appointment stuff, we had the "fun stuff". Good news, my hemoglobin was 11.7 - which is really GREAT for me!!! I'm continuing to take the Hematinic Formula and will be getting some chlorophyll. BP was great and all that stuff.

When we got ready to hear the heartbeat, she couldn't find it. Understandable, since it is still so early. But, they have a sonogram machine upstairs and I had asked if we could use it to see the baby. One of the other midwives is proficient at using it and she was glad to do it for us. She had a client in early labor, but was still happy to help us.

As soon as she put the thing on my belly, we saw the baby!!! Oh, thank you Jesus!! And just a few seconds after that, we saw a heartbeat!!! Thank you God!!!!! Praise God!!!!

We saw the little hands up in front of it's face (I say it because I think it's a girl, but don't want to get my little girls hopes up!) and little legs!! It was kind of bobbing around!!!!

It was beautiful and wonderful and everything I had hoped it would be and more!!!! There is just a ton of healing that takes place after a miscarriage and it's just hard to explain.

We were all very very excited. The kids got to see the baby and it eased their fears, so much!! It was a happy day for all of us!!! :)

Joyfully busy at home,

Look at all that hair!!!

Well, my little girl took the plunge!!!! She donated her hair to Locks of Love. Well, we haven't mailed it in yet, but it will be on it's way this next week.

Several years ago I tried to talk her into growing her hair out and giving it away. She wasn't the least bit interested, and even scared. It was my "ploy" to get her to cut her hair, because she wasn't taking care of it at the time. Then it turned into the deal of "if you don't take care of it, I'm cutting it!" and not long after that, I did! After that, she learned to take much better care of her hair, and we have really had fun putting it up, decorating it, brushing it, and all that girly stuff.

Then, about 6 months ago she told me that she wanted to grow it out to donate it. I couldn't believe it. It was so beautiful and long!!! I questioned her several times, but she insisted. So, we finally made the appointment, as she had enough to give away - the minimum is 10 inches.

She was very excited!!! I am so proud of her and she is glad to give it away to someone who can't grow their own. Her's will grow back!!

So, as requested by several friends, here are her before and after pictures!!! And I'm one proud Mama!!

And Daddy's are aloud to be proud, too!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Only $4 Short!

We are campers! We love camping and have for years. I have a whole scrapbook dedicated to our camping trips - really that album is just the beginning of our camping adventures - with more coming!

This weekend my parents went with us and camped out in the local hotel! They no longer have a camper or camping equipment and all the cabins were booked. We still had a great time, because they only slept in the hotel and spent the rest of the time with us.

On Saturday, we had a discussion with the older kids about their bike riding and not to come back separately again - they were to stay together and compromise on where they would go and what they would see. Big P warned that if they came back separately again, they wouldn't get back on their bikes for the weekend! Ouch!

Sunday came along and my mom and I were having a nice time visiting outside in the early morning. My dad had slept in. The big kids and B.3.5.B. wanted to take a trip down to the park store. They had some change and my mom gave them her change. They probably had about $2 in total. They wanted to get some treats to share. And off they went!

About 20 minutes later, P.8.P. came back saying "I'm not coming back separate, but I need to tell you. C and B are up at the park store and C wanted to get some treats for everyone, but we need some more money - we are 4 DOLLARS short!"

My mom and I immediately started CRACKING UP!!! I could hardly breathe I was laughing so hard and my mom was crying!!! We thought she was going to say 4 cents or 40 cents and I thought to myself that someone could have helped them out with that - but no, we were talking 4 BUCKS here!!!

When Big P started asking what they were buying, she made a list - "well, he got chips and bean dip for you dad, and a Mr. Goodbar for mom, and a peanut patty for Grandma..."

We asked what they were doing up there and she said "just waiting for me to come back with more money!"

All I could picture was these two poor children, no shoes, dirt all over their faces (probably from playing in it!) and this downtrodden look because they were too poor to buy JUNK FOOD!! LOL They did have shoes on (and socks for that matter), but I'm sure the rest was true to life!

Big P gave her a $10 bill, because that is the smallest bill he had and off she went. A little bit later, they came back with their bounty in hand. We started laughing all over again. I started snapping pictures as fast as I could - this was one for the blog and for the scrapbook!

So they started divvying up the treasure - Big P got a bag of Fritos and a can of bean dip (now we know where all the money went!), I got a Mr. Goodbar, my mom got a peanut patty, C.11.B. bought himself some SweetTarts, and P.8.G. got some Skittles. When I asked what they got for B.3.5.B., their eyes popped out of their heads and said "Oh, we forgot to get something for him!!" Hello - he was there the whole time. We found out later that while they were waiting at the counter, he was trying to pillage candy into his pockets!! They made sure it was returned before they left.

B.3.5.B. is trying to figure out where his goodies are! At least big brother shared!

Big P asked for his change, but there was little to be had - less than $2. Big P said "WHAT??? I gave you 10 dollars! Where is the rest?" This was the first I knew of the $10, because I was laughing too hard when he gave it to her to notice.

C.11.B. said in a most earnest voice "well, the total was $8.88." Come to find out, he hadn't used any of the change he had gone with. They just wanted to pay and get out of there. Apparently the park store cashier had been mean to them and impatient. Who could have done such a thing?! I think it was probably the cutest thing ever a boy and his little brother over to the side of the counter as new customers came in, too poor to pay for their food! LOLOLOL

He did tell us that 2 people tried to help him by asking if he needed any money and how much. The first person heard "we need $5" and quickly declined by saying "hmm, I wish I could help you" and they probably laughed all the way to their car! The second person asked if they could help and C.11.B. tried to make it sound better by saying "we need $4 or $5 dollars." Hmm, yea, that sounds much better!!!

And all the while, all Pete could say was "You didn't tell them you were homeschooled, did you????"

Looks like Mama needs to work on estimating cost and doing some practical math!

Most definitely joyfully busy at home,

Some more uses for toilet paper

As you can see, we have issues with the toilet (toilet paper and things being put into the toilet "accidentally"!). When I saw my boys demonstrating yet one more use for toilet paper, I had to get a pic!!!

A nice new package of toilet paper can be used as a horse!

Or a sled!!!


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