Monday, June 28, 2010

Adventures in Quilting: Class 130 Pre-Project

I'm almost embarrassed with how long it has been since I've even posted on my blog. I think I must have gotten away from blogging the same time that I got off facebook (for the most part). I just have found myself pretty busy - after all I have a husband 5 children.

Update: We have a baby on the way. I'm almost 16 weeks now. I can't believe that I'm almost 1/2 way through this pregnancy and on our way to see our babe!!

I decided to pare down to one hobby. I have loved sewing for so long, but garments are not my thing anymore. The kids outgrown things so fast that I make something and it gets worn a couple of weeks. It just doesn't have the same "kick" it used to. I've gone back to quilting. I picked up this hobby almost 6 years ago taking a 1 day class and making a table runner at a local quilt shop. I then made another table runner for my mom with different fabric and the same pattern. Never picked it up again.

I'm learning to focus better and not dive into something head first. I don't have to finish a project in a day, which makes it more enjoyable. Still learning....

While working my way through Harriet Hargrave's book Quilter's Academy Vol. 1, I found out what a perfectionist I am. I can tell she is, too, or at least she writes like she is. Maybe she's really writing to those who aren't and she just assumes when people will "get it" that it is good enough. I don't get that very well and almost had a breakdown the other day when I was 1/16" off in one area of my strip. Wah! I emailed a good quilting friend for a pep talk - she almost spit out her drink when she realized what I was fretting over.

Here is my pre-project for Class 130 in the book. This is part of a sampler that will be completed over Volume 1 and 2. This is the center part.

I'm now working on a small quilt for A.2. to sit on while we do schoolwork. Kind of a blanket training quilt. The fabric is adorable! The problem is that it is also one that spans over a long period of time, so I will have most of it done except the border, using a border fabric, which is done towards the end of the book. I am planning to make a quilt for each of my children and then move on to other quilts.

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