Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Praise Baby!

We really really love this series of videos. We have 3 of them so far and my kids informed me a few days ago that there was a new one coming out - Joy to the World!

Check it out!!


Monday, December 10, 2007

Where have you been?

This post will be shorter than most (haha - don't know what that is). The boys are in the bathtub and I'm sitting here next to them as they splash away. They aren't really splashing too much - just playing. But, I don't want the computer to get wet! LOL

Big P is at a Pre-Tribulation Conference today through Wednesday. We are used to him being here in the mornings, so needless to say, we all miss him. :( But, he never gets away from home for anything other than work, so I'm glad he is taking some time to do this. He loves studying the Bible.

So, where have I been? Here, there, and everywhere!

One thing I'm glad to announce is that I am finally off some of the progesterone. We got rid of the injections at least. For 12 weeks, I was on 2 shots at a time, twice per week - 48 shots. Plus, 2 shots per week for 3 weeks before that - So, a total of 54 shots!!! ouch! But, I'm not complaining. I am on another form of progesterone and having my blood checked every 2 weeks.

As my widget says, I'm 19 weeks! Wow!!!! I can't believe how time is finally taking off on this pregnancy. It is so exciting. Everyone is getting excited around here and in the spring, we will start making rearrangements in the house. We have names pretty much picked out.

I've started a new hobby - loom knitting. This is where you have a circle or long loom, that has pegs sticking up. You wrap yarn around the pegs in various ways to get the desired look.

I'd share everything that I've made, but some are for Christmas and I don't want to spoil. :)

P.8.G. is also doing a lot on the loom. She has made 3 hats and is now working on a pillow top.

We first learned traditional knitting, but she was having some trouble with the big needles. So, a friend mentioned loom knitting and I picked her up a set to keep her hands busy. I ended up liking as much as she did!!! Now, we are both hooked! Literally.

Right now, I'm working on 6 Christmas stockings. One for each member in our little family. I picked out everyone's favorite colors and then went to work on coordinating yarns for the cuff and toe area. They are turning out great and I'm on #4 out of 6.

Since Big P is out of town, we are going to head over to the local mickey D's and play for a while. We just finished up some homemade belgian waffles, so no one is eating anything there. I know, shame on me for using their playground. Believe me, we've drive through hundreds of times . :P

We are wrapping some Christmas presents today. Don't know what we are going to do with them then, because our tree is tiny this year. We have a probably 18" Christmas tree, using it as our Jesse Tree and doing the Jesse Tree devotionals with the ornaments . It is really going great and everyone is loving the excitement.

We are having a Camping Christmas this year and everyone is so so so excited about that. Well, everyone except my mom. She's pretty disappointed that we won't be spending some of Christmas day with her and my dad. We are trying to start Christmas traditions that our family really wants and enjoys. Therefore, since we love camping so much, we thought we'd try this out this year. We leave the 21st and return the 26th (maybe! heehee). It's $12 per night to stay at the park with our camper, so we may consider staying another night.

So, family celebrations will be done early this year. Starting out this year going to see the trains at Northpark with my in-laws. Then heading back to their house for early dinner, gifts, and Christmas caroling. We saw the trains last year, but we just may make it a tradition as well, if we keep getting free tickets - heehee!! The little boys love trains!

We are spending the night there and then heading for my Mema's nursing home the next morning. We'll sing to them and serve treats and may make this a tradition as well. Then we'll head over to my parents and do the traditional gift opening around the tree. Everyone opens one gift at a time, so that we can all see and appreciate what each other got.

I know this is all out of order, but I had to tell you that we went to Candlelight at Dallas Heritage Village. C.11.B. works up there as a volunteer about once per month, and wanted to work that day, so we all got in free! It was really beautiful out for the time that we were there. We got there early while it was still light. Then, as the sun was setting they started lighting the candles. I think this will become a tradition and I'll make outfits for everyone to wear!

So, that is everything that is going on around here. And that wasn't too short, was it?! LOL What did you expect???


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