Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Praise Baby!

We really really love this series of videos. We have 3 of them so far and my kids informed me a few days ago that there was a new one coming out - Joy to the World!

Check it out!!



Marsha said...

*I* loved these videos when they first came out! I'd always look for them on the $5 sale page for our local Family Christian store.

Too bad my boys never really cared for them... not rough and tumbly enough maybe?

I hope you have a great weekend, Christine!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

This is so cool. I had never seen the Praise Baby before. Thanks for sharing the link.

I have an email address that must be an old one for you. Can you email me, iwillbecnu at hotmail so that I can send you the email I typed for you( about computers and the Contenders club)?




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