Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Unfocused Life

I do have another post coming... the birth story of my twinkles... but before I forget... :)

Really, that's the point of this post. The quirky, unfocused, extremely intelligent, creative, quick to be bored, life of ADHD. Having recently been diagnosed with ADHD (mostly inattentive type), I thought that it would be good to share some helpful links to information on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

I should probably share how I came upon realizing I had ADHD, but I don't want to make this post too long. I really want this post to be about the science of ADHD, resources, and things you might find helpful to learn if you know someone with ADHD, or have wondered if have it yourself.

Side note: The technical diagnosis is ADHD. You can have inattentive type or hyperactivity, or both - but they are both ADHD. Some people who don't have the hyperactivity will be termed ADD indicating the difference. The reality is that the H is for the hyperactivity of your brain. Our brains move so incredibly fast, it would make the neurotypical person crazy. And it often makes those of us who suffer with it, feel like we really are. - a 5 minute video summing up ADHD for the neurotypical person who needs to understand what their loved one deals with on a daily basis. CHADD is an organizing for Children and Adults with AD/HD. Their mission statement is: "CHADD improves the lives of people affected by ADHD." - I have found some {short} helpful articles on this website.

Book: You Mean I Am Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?!: A Self Help Book for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo

This is the book I am currently reading... well, one of the 6 books I am currently reading. It's very good and it includes many character sketches just to show you that ADHD comes in all shapes and sizes. I found myself in a few of them. One of them was the "It's better to be bad, than stupid" - which is exactly how I was as a teenager. The other was "the perfectionist" which is exactly how I am now. "If it can't be perfect, it shouldn't be done"...and most of the time, isn't.

It is very likely that if you are familiar with ADHD that you knew I was before I did. :) I really do want to post the background story as to how I feel like the Lord opened my eyes on this issues almost 3 years ago. Like many things, it has been a grieving process and I have had to learn to accept limitations that I have tried all my life to get around or hide.

If you are someone that doesn't believe that ADHD is a true medical issue, I encourage you to research. They have documented brain scans of the differences in brain function and if you've ever had coffee with me at 10pm and wondered how I could fall right to sleep afterward, there's your answer.

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