Friday, April 24, 2009

Collage #1

In my current photography class, Photographing Children and Babies, we are working on the assignment: Shooting a Child as a Botanical. We are also making a framable collage from the super close ups. I'm not super pleased with the color on the middle photo, so I think I'm going to work with it a little more before turning it in.

Here's my first one. I would like to do one of these for all my children. The older ones would have more of an "object" in them (book, handwork, etc.) as they aren't like babies and you can't take pictures of all their little fat rolls and stuff. I'm going to work on Paige, Brason, and Landon's this weekend. Christian and Pete will be out of town for a canoeing scout trip!

I'd love to know what you think. :) Also, toss me some ideas of what kind of pictures you would shoot of an older child - close ups, please.


Anonymous said...

I love this! Your idea inspires me. I have no idea what you'd do for an older child that is comparable to this, but I'd love to see when you get it done :)

Tasha said...

Girl I could just eat those little hams of his!!!!
You're doing wonderfully (I think that's a word) LOL.

NaomiLynne said...

how about adding a hand picture to your collage? it looks cute

Lisa said...

Very very cute! When I take pictures of tiny body parts of my babies, I always think of their chilren looking at the photos one day. Weird? It could happen. :o) Thanks for sharing! ~Lisa

Brandi said...

Incredibly cute! i see what you mean about the pic in the middle (when compared to the other 6). For the older kids I would do zoomed pics of them at pleasure- a book in front of the face, busy hands (sewing, building), side view looking out window that might catch their ear and profile, I always love a pic of feet no matter the age, maybe smelling a flower. can't think of any other ideas but hopefully that will help.


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