Thursday, April 23, 2009

My baby is turning 1

Yes, already! I can't believe it!! Oh I was just pondering this morning about how fast they grow up and how we just have to cherish every single moment. I've been doing a lot of decluttering around here, but mostly just of my commitments! I've gotten off all but one creative team and off the Scraps Matter Gang. I just had a real wake up call a few weeks ago that everything was adding too much pressure and I need to clear out the things that God didn't want me doing. He has called me Wifehood and Motherhood - that's it! Anything else has to take a backseat to that and unfortunately the CTs were getting in the front seat. :( I want to cherish these times with my children and I want to be a good mommy for them. That requires that I have plenty to give them - my time and my patience. I'm called to disciple my children and I want to do that wholeheartedly!

I haven't posted in so long because I feel like I always have to get on here and make some major update. Shame on me and my perfection!!!! I'm back to doing flylady. I haven't done that in a long time. It's really helping to shape my house back up! We had our babysitter over tonight and she acted as mother's helper, helping me with the boys while Paige and I got a bunch of things cleaned out. She is a huge blessing and like a big sister to Paige!

I've also been doing some major curriculum research and reading. Please pray for me for guidance. I know that God has called us to homeschool. I know that He has led us to a more natural approach for learning and we are really enjoying more Charlotte Mason methods. But, I still need some direction on specifics, so I covet your prayers!

I snapped this pictures of my little baby boy and had to shared it. It's the only reason I got on here and you still got an earfull!

My photography class is going so very awesomely! I absolutely LOVE it! I was trying to do an assignment of capturing the little parts of my little ones (ears, noses, chubby hands and legs, etc.) and Aiden didn't want any part of it. He just wanted me to hold him, so he starts just crying! I just had to take one more and this is what I got! Talk about capturing the moment! Who ever said that they always have to be laughing or smiling to capture the real stuff?!!

Night friends!!



NaomiLynne said...

Oh my! That is the dearest pic.. even if he is crying, its so CUTE! Great job!

I will think about the older children close ups and let you know if I think of anything useful. Sounds like alot of fun!

Lisa said...

Wow! Time really has flown by! Happy Birthday! ~Lisa


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