Friday, June 27, 2008

The Highway Option

You know the saying "it's my way or the highway!" And if you've seen The Pacifier then you probably remember Shane saying "no highway option!" Well, I'm coming to realize that there is a highway option when it comes to our journey in Christ. And it's not my way, it's God's way. I truly believe there is ONE way to interpret the Bible, but dozens of ways to apply it.

There are so many variables in life that we aren't all on the same journey, all at the same time. We are in various seasons of life and God is calling us to different things at different times. Now, when I say there is a highway option, I don't mean that it's okay to disobey God - exactly the opposite. When God has called you to something, you'd be better off to do it. But, some reading my blog may misinterpret my excitement for something as me condemning their way. I'm not. I'm just excited about what God is calling us to now, and the road He has asked us to take. In the practicalities of living these convictions out, we may not be on the same highway. But I do believe we all need to be heading in the same direction - Heaven bound! Living for His Glory, not our own.

So, all that to say that if you are choosing a different path for health, homeschooling, having babies, adoption, curriculum, country life vs. city life, etc. - not a problem. I pray that you always seek the Lord in whatever you do. And remember to be open to Him!

This is the road we have chosen. Or should I say, the road we feel has been chosen for us. We are just trying to go back to the ancient paths. But, we fall EVERY DAY! It's only through Christ's redemptive blood that we get back up and keep moving forward on this journey called Life. May you find true joy in your journey.


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