Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My baby is 2 months today

Can you believe it???? I know I can't. Wow, time is really flying with our little bitty one. He's so precious. Car rides are getting easier. We haven't hit the 3 month mark where they seem to stop the crying fits EVERY time they are in the car seat, but we are headed in that direction. He's content for longer periods of time and easily entertained. If I can get him into the seat while he is sleeping, he usually stays asleep and thus doesn't cry.

He is a little bundle of joy, though - crying and all. He's starting to smile and coo and watch his brothers and sister. He loves to just lay on a blanket on the floor and look around at us. You can show him things and he will follow them.

A.2month.B. still loves the SlingEZee and I'm still as impressed as I was the first time I put it on - more so, I'm sure. It is the most comfortable sling I've ever worn. We took him in a couple of weeks ago and he weighed in at 12.5 lb. I'm sure he's put on at least a pound since then and it's still very comfortable. He likes sitting in it facing the front at times.

Haven't figured out a pretty way to put these pictures on here, but wanted you to know that I'm so very blessed!!!!


Raye Ann said...

He started out just tooooooo cute for words, and he just keeps getting cuter. You have a beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

So precious, all my grandkids! I love see them learn more and more each day. They are all beautiful. Thank you Lord for blessing us all soooo much.
Grandma Jones

Kimbo said...

Aww look at all my kiddos!! I love the pic of him and you looking at each other! So blessed to have so many kiddos to love!!

Love you bunches,
Aunt Kimbo


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