Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scrapbooking Weekend

I'm so excited! I'm about to put my stuff together for a scrapbooking weekend. My really great friend, put together a small scrapbooking thing for Friday night and all day Saturday. We are splitting the meals up and my mom and I are doing breakfast on Saturday. I'll be working on the journaling for our San Francisco album - that I completed (except journaling) forever ago. I realized while thinking about what I was going to work on what my deal is. I love to handwrite my journaling, but if you have read much of my blog, you can see why it would take so long. So, I've decided that I'm goign to start typing most of my journaling and doing handwriting on some of the shorter stories. I'm a story writer. My albums are FULL of journaling that my chidlren love to pour over! It doesn't matter to them how "great" I think the page looks, if it has a story on it, they are captivated. So, with my printer and laptop in tow, I'll be heading to scrapbook for the weekend.

I'm also going to take the photos and album for our recent trip to Missouri with me, in case I just whiz through that journaling. I can type much faster than I can write and I can stop and start at the conversations dictate. So, I believe I'll have time to get started on that other album.

I will have A.2months.B. with me, so that will be a bit more to handle than if I were by myself.

Big P and the oldest 4 children will be in Rockport visiting Grandpa! They are staying in a little cabin at the RV park and plan to see the Lexington and possibly the aquarium. They are going to the boardwalk to have Baskin Robins. They are also planning to go in Corpus to pick up a Whataburger where DH used to go all the time growing up.

Big P's birthday is on Sunday!!! He'll be 36. I can't believe it! We've almost been married 12 years. He's as much of a doll as he was when I married him and growing old together is bliss!


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