Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy day...

Wow - I feel like I accomplished a lot today. yeah!!
  1. Took children (2, 4, & 5) with me to laundry mat to strip cloth diapers.
  2. While waiting on the diapers at the laundry mat, went to library. Didn't have card with me so asked them to hold our books until tomorrow.
  3. Came home and started lunch.
  4. While I was making lunch C.12.B. was mowing lawn, Big P was hanging the wet, clean diapers on the fence line for sun bleaching. This is one of the final steps in preparation to sell them all.
  5. Had delicious lunch.
  6. After lunch we started schoolwork. Big ones did independent work while I nursed A.2m.B. B.5.B. watched movie for quiet time and fell asleep on couch.
  7. Cleaned out most of front entry.
  8. Did Intermediate Language Lessons with C.12.B. P.9.G. is BEGGING to start this. Soon, deary, very soon!
  9. Did science (yeah for Apologia Elementary).
  10. Made and ate dinner while watching Creatures that Defy Evolution.
  11. Trained dog with P.9.G.
  12. Got diapers off line.
  13. Exercised with Walk Off the Pounds DVD.
  14. Shop vac'd up 2 gallons of water from the bathroom floor.
  15. Put boys to bed.
  16. Helped C.12.B. find owner's manual online for the lawnmower he is going to use to start his small engine repair instruction through 4-H.
  17. Helped C.12.B. fix up his blog a bit and edit a post.
going to bed to read for a bit and SNOOZE! Tomorrow is errand/grocery/chick-fil-a day, so have to get an early start.

In Him,

1 comment :

Daddy said...

You go momma. I could not be married to a better woman.

Love you


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