Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Littlebit Mama's Barbershop

I believe it was on my previous blog at homeschoolblogger that I posted pictures of a haircut that I have little "L". Well, that was sort of a "wing it" kind of a thing.

I'm now learning how to cut my boys' hair!! Last night I picked up a pair of haircutting shears at Walmart. I then got Nancy Baetz's ebook "Haircuts for Little Men". You can pick up your copy through this link for a discount. I read through the instructions, washed their hair, and went to work (at our kitchen table, of course!). Wow!! What a great book! Very well done!!

Below are the results of which I am very happy with. I did B.4.B's first, because he needed a haircut the worst. I cut it a little shorter than I like, but it will be grown out again in 2 weeks - no prob. Like Nancy mentions in the book, and like I have always believed - Hair grows back! I remember when P.9.G. cut her hair. I think she was 2 or so. Most of my friends and family were having conniption fits, but not me! It grows back!!! L.2.B. was very fidgety, but we got it done. Practice makes perfect, or progress at the very least. I'm looking forward to saving some buckage in this area. C.12.B. even said that he would let me cut his!! P.9.G. is getting her bangs cut by Mama in the morning. :)

For descriptions on the pics, click the picture then click notes.


Becca said...

Those are some cute boys you've got! :-)


Raye Ann said...

They are just tooooo cute. You did a great job on the hair.

kamewh said...

You did a wonderful job!

Nancy Baetz said...

You did a fabulous job! What sweet faces those boys have. Thanks for sharing your pictures with me.

I hope you get lots of entries for the contest :) I just posted about it over on my blog.



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