Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some fun family pics

Just some things that go on at our house, day to day....

This is a paint by number that P.9.G. did the other day. It was a gift that she received from her Grandma and Grandpa. We were very impressed! She added the flowers and the shading on the trees herself - without instruction to do so! We got a frame for it and it will be going up on the wall soon. Big P is supposed to hang things tomorrow, but it may have to wait for Monday.

Then one night we had a "campout" for the big kids. They tossed down some blankets on the floor and ate marshmallows and played Uno. It was fun to watch them. Then P.9.G. asked us to tell scary stories. So, we were going along telling these goofy stories and she wanted to hear more scary stories. So, Big P comes out with this really creepy one that apparently he had heard in high school and really got her worked up. I knew that was a bad idea!! She started asking us to keep our bedroom door open, were we going to be up late, could Big P work in the living room, etc. Won't do that again - at least the scary stories part!

This afternoon, while we were all working on something, we looked over and saw B.4.B. crashed on the couch! I had read 3 stories to him and he had a great time with that. He had played on the floor with his bus, train, and cars and was just tuckered out!

And this is the pic of my big boy - C.12.B. He is a history buff! You can check out his new blog at Wrapped Up In History. He's having a great time writing and tweaking his blog. He would like to make it look like a newspaper. This pic is for him to add to his blog.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos! It is nice to get to know other MFW families better.
God bless ~

kimbo said...

Wow!! Another great blog full of pics! I really love when you post them on your blog! First of all: P.G did a great job on the painting! Love it!! Second of all C.B looks so funny in the pic with his mouth wide open!! B.B. looks all kinds of precious all tuckered out.


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