Monday, September 22, 2008

Manic Monday

Does the thought of tax evasion scare you? I hope so! It scares the pants off me. Well, you can then understand why when we received a notice of seizure this weekend for our house, we took it pretty seriously. See, a couple of years ago I was going to have this little home business where I sold homemade wheat bread and jam - and we were going to make tons of money off of it. Well, one morning at 5 am while getting ready to sell said stuff, I burned my little guy's leg with hot jam, because I was trying to do too many things at once. 'Nuff said, huh?! And I decided right then that after I got rid of that stuff that day, that I wouldn't have another home business before my youngest child was 5 years old. Now, since we believe that our quiver will be full when God closes my womb, who knows when my last child will arrive.

Now, that was with the fine print of "unless anything serious happens to Big P and he cannot work or provide for us" and that I would revisit that later. So, right before coming to that decision, I opened a DBA for this little business. But, since we never did anything with the business and never made any money, I figured there was nothing more that I needed to do. Mawhhhaaahhaaa (that's that creepy laugh).

So, today, I called to find out what was going on and what I needed to do to stop it and then proceeded to take Baby A with me to run all over the county filling out and filing that form and this form. I closed the DBA and filed a couple more papers, but was basically told that they didn't know what was going to happen. Big P was sooo good about it. He said "well, worst case scenario is that we will owe $3000." Oh, yea, no biggie! LOLOLOLOL I just prayed!!

They called me later and told me that all had been cleared up and that we wouldn't owe anything. Thank you Jesus! And Yes, that's exactly what I told the lady that called "Thank you Jesus - and thank you so much ma'am for helping me today." Still thanking Jesus!

On to another note - I love Yin's digiscrapping templates and have used them a lot. Here's what I was surprised with this afternoon (after that horrid ordeal of a morning): - you'll see several of my layouts for my current album on there. This is a sneak peak, because remember, I'm not revealing much of that album until it is done.

DH just celebrated 10 years with his company, so we celebrated with his boss and co-workers last week at Chipotle. That was a special treat. I've not met many of his co-workers, and with the various changes in the company, they come and go - but these he's actually had for a while.

Here's what I made for him.


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