Monday, September 8, 2008


We had a great time on our camping trip this weekend! It was just one of the best camping trips we have ever been on. The weather was great, the bickering was not tolerated, and we relaxed a lot!

I took so many pictures, but I'm going to limit it to just a few.

Friday we set up camp, relaxed a bit, then headed to walmart. I don't know why we always end up at walmart, but we did. I wanted to get some butter to make popcorn that night.

On Saturday we got up and had an easy breakfast then went to a little consignment shop where we found a like new Jumperoo for A for $40. We used to have one that my mom gave us. Those guilty of leaving it outside in the rain while it was waiting to be put into the barn shall remain nameless.

It was off to the Children's museum, but not before a stop to a little coffee shop where we got a yummy cold coffee. Didn't get any pictures of that, but I should have, since we don't buy coffee out anymore! Heehee! All the children had a great time at the museum. We were there for about 3 hours or more!

That afternoon Big P took the bigger 4 swimming at the lake. No pics. :(

On Sunday morning we had another easy breakfast and then a devotional from Big P. We studied about the story in Acts about the man and the wife (can't remember their names) that lied to Peter about selling their land and how much money they had made off of it. They were lying to God as well! It prompted a nice discussion about how many people choose different convictions to live out - but that when people don't feel like living out a certain conviction, they will sometimes say "I don't feel led" or "God has told us such and such" or "I wasn't cut out for that". And if it doesn't agree with the Word, then God didn't say it. But, instead we should say that WE don't feel like doing such and such. I mean, let's be honest. It doesn't mean that we need to condemn others who don't do the things that we do - but it's a pet peeve of mine when people lie. It was a great discussion!

We went ahead and started breaking camp. Then big P took the older 4 fishing (see pic at top made with Terri's template). I did the rest of the breaking down in the camper. It took us all of an hour (and maybe 1/2) to get home and we LOVED that part!!



Becca said...

Love that curly brown head!

We do campouts, too. Only in a tent, and only in the spring and fall when it's bearable! :-)

History Geek said...

Hey mom they were Ananias and Sapphira


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