Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a week...

Oh my, what a week it has been. We are taking a planned week off of school to get caught up on some necessary decluttering as well as getting ready for a camping trip this weekend.

Saturday we attended the funeral for a beloved brother in Christ from our church. Although we were unable to hear the service, we were able to get to know a family at church, whom I know are to become bosom friends.

This same family were in the midst of a catstrophe Sunday after church when they second youngest son was hurt in the parking lot. It was no ones fault and things like this just happen sometimes. I won't go into all the details. Let's sum it up like this - they are home, God is good and has given us a miracle and we are forever thankful.

I've started a new digital scrapbook. This was is a 1 year album on our 2nd son (3rd child) B.4.B. It will run from preparing for his birth to his 1st birthday. I've done the first page, but nothing will be divulged until it is finished. This is going to be a fun one!! He's a fun boy who is really funny!!

This week I'll be working primarily on the kitchen. Everything from top to bottom will be decluttered and cleaned. I'll start that after lunch today when the littles are down for a nap. I'm also working on coordinating some meals to bless the family at our church which will hopefully help them get things back to normal at home.

So, although it is a break from school - we aren't really stopping! LOL

**Okay, coming back to finish this post. I got all the littles down for a nap, then the big kids and I got to work. We cleaned out 8 cabinets that held my spices, oils, and such. There wasn't much to get rid of in those cabinets, but we consolidated spices, wiped down the cabinets, doors, etc. and got everything reorganized.

Now for a little break. The big ones are going to watch a movie - The Last Sin Eater - and I'm going to scrap.

We'll pick back up after the movie with doing the dishes. Our water was out for an hour or so. We are having storms over here, and I'm wondering if they were having problems with the pumps or something. We're good now.

I would like to finish all the top cabinets today and countertops. Shouldn't be a problem. Tomorrow we'll do drawers and bottom cabinets and pantry. Thursday I'll like to clean the floors really good and pull out the oven and clean under it. With the big kids' help, it isn't so hard.


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