Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wild weekend

It's been a wild weekend and its only Saturday night.

Friday we spent much of the day at the JBF Sale! Woohoo! Got some great deals, but determined with Big P that next season, I need to work the sale - for the volunteer pre-sale. Much of what was there, even on the first public day, was picked over. I couldn't believe how overpriced some ladies were on their stuff. But, I didn't buy the overpriced stuff, because I wasn't desperate, so.... But really, last season I consigned, which got me into a pre-sale and it was wonderful. Volunteers get into a even earlier pre-sale. A will be older, so Big P said he could stay home while I did the 5 hour volunteer.

C.12.B. picked up a Fireproof poster while we were there. He's really psyched about the movie. He wanted to hang the poster over his bed, but then P.9.G. wanted it over her bed! LOL I said - ya'll have the same room (all of them share a room). I told little P, "hey, he's closer to marriage - let him pick where he wants it!" We all got a laugh out of that. She informed that just because he was older, didn't necessarily mean that he was closer to marriage. Hello!

On the way home, we stopped by walmart to grab some water and necessities in case the power went out. Actually, Big P called it yesterday and said "we'll lose power tomorrow." He's so smart! And the most incredible man in the world (see previous post).

We had determined that we were going to do everything possible to get C.12.B. to Dallas Heritage Village today for him to volunteer his time and for his Junior Historian meeting. It was raining and we didn't exactly know what the day held, but really wanted to get him there. We are really working on establishing trust with our children. Showing them that we will make every effort to do what we say we will do, get to church on time, etc. (ackmm, check out the time, gotta get to bed!). I called him to check on him after we ate lunch. He was having a grand time in the DHV library, even though he didn't have any tours today. He started telling me all about his meeting and what the plans are for this season at DHV. It made me cry when I got off the phone - he's growing up so much!

Right before calling him, we lost power. Yap, Big P called it! It was out for about 6 hours. We had the windows cracked to get a breeze in, which helped, but made it pretty soggy feeling in here. We survived. tonight, after the storm had died down, but we still didn't have electricity, Big P started asking what we were doing for dinner. Well, I didn't have any real plans, because I didn't really think we would lose power. We thought about picking something up for dinner, but after evaluation of our budget, we realized that we shouldn't. We had the cash, but had more resolve to not! Yea!! We determined that a dinner of eggs with cheese and mac and cheese, made outside in the camper with the propane would do just fine. Big P and P.9.G. went out and made that. After dinner, the power came on! Hallelujah! (hear the music?! :))

And meanwhile during the day we also put up 23 lb. of okra and cleaned out the dreaded 2 junk drawers!!!!! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! We also did some laundry (folded) and rested and read, and played. :) It was a crazy, wild, wonderful weekend.

And tomorrow we get to go to church and worship the Lord as a family. I love it!!!


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Anne of Alamo said...

hello Christine
it's Anne from Scrapmatters...
I hope it is okay to pop over here...
I am a God fearing(in awe of Him) Christian and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your layouts...what a precious spirit comes from each one!
you have made me feel very welcome there (sm) and I wanted to thank you!


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