Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Annie Oakley Bakes

Well, I can add gun slinging pie baker to my repertoire of "Little Bit of Everything Mama". My father-in-law (Big P's real dad) gifted our family, namely our older children, with a 22 Rifle. I'm sure there is some fancy way to write that, but I don't know about it - so there ya go. Big P set up a target of painter's tape (hey, we are learning to use what we have! LOL) on the end of a tree branch quite a ways away from the back porch. He said it was more than 50 feet and from what he showed me, it looked like it was maybe 65. I hit that roll of painter's tape - twice! Standing up! He later informed me that standing up is the hardest position to shoot in.

And the baking? Well, I made pie crust today! Wooohoo! The recipe makes enough for 8 crusts and the rest is freezable. I made a blackberry-chocolate chip pie. It was incredibly delicious. I'll reduce the chocolate chips to 1/2 cup next time.

We've had a big day including a trip to the library and walmart. We went by Red Box and I was able to get The Great Discovery (Thomas) and Nim's Island. So, it was movie night tonight at our house (minus Daddy :( ) with popcorn and cheap ($1.25) pizzas. :)

Our family is gearing up for a big year with 4-H. Our children will be doing shooting sports (C will be doing rifle and shotgun and P just rifle), food and nutrition (including the food show), and swine for C, and rabbits for P! I'm so glad we have found a thing that everyone in our family can enjoy, because the thought of running children all over the place for various activities makes me feel stressed! LOL


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