Saturday, October 11, 2008


I wanted to share some of the blessing I have going on in my life.

The Lord has blessed me so much! I'm blessed with a wonderful husband, beautiful, wonderful children (5 of them to boot!), wonderful parents and sister, wonderful in-laws and wonderful friends, wonderful church family, a wonderful home and land. I'm just so very blessed!

I had a fun time with my friend Tanya Bee last night. Her birthday was a couple of weeks ago and we had yet to get together for it. We've kind of started a little tradition to take each other out on our birthdays, but with conflicting schedules and her hubby's work schedule, we had been unable to get together. So, last night, I took dinner to her and we had a great evening of fellowship. We also had yummy Greek food and a Starbucks! She's nearing the end of her pregnancy and bounced on her birth ball a lot of the time we were together talking. It was so cute, except she kept almost falling backwards!! Scaring me!!

Big P and our big kids are at the church work day today. I talked to hubby earlier and he said they were getting a lot done. I'm so glad they went.

My little boys are playing reader rabbit on the computer. Baby A is asleep. We had cream of millet this morning for breakfast.

We are simplifying again - this time it's the toys. Wanted to share this great post written by a Christian mommy that really inspired me.

I set up google reader to keep up with some of the blogs that I enjoy reading. One that I really love is Keeping the Home, but she doesn't have her RSS feed turned on and sometimes I forget to go read it. I really wish she would turn it on so that I could have all the blogs in one place.

hmm, let's see what else should I share??

we took a week off school, but we'll start back on Monday and go through until our Thanksgiving break. Still loving MFW and will be adding truth quest history to really get a God's eye view on history as a whole. That is really important to us, and I didn't feel I was doing an adequate job really helping my children get a grip on that. Truthquest History helps with summaries of how men responded to God's leading - good and bad.

Oh, wanted to share this layout I did at the speed scrap the other night. I love it and was so excited with the way it turned out. I was so relaxed during this Speed Scrap and I feel that it really made a difference in the quality of my work.

Scrap Matter just sent out their first newsletter. That's really exciting. it's 13 pages and has a full kit included -for free!

I've been checking out the very cool kits over at the Sweet Shoppe. Wowzers - they are really cool!

Oh, Big P let me purchase the book Photo Freedom from Stacy Julian, used of course, from amazon. I'll be receiving that in the next week or so and am very excited. I'm trying to think more big picture like in my scrapbooking. Still working on B.4.B.s book. I did another layout for it the other night, for a challenge. Still trying to decide if I should print 12x12 or 8x8 on that. I'm going back to CM albums. I'm just not pleased with the others. I figured out that it cost me about 9 cents more per page to use the CM albums and about $15 more for the album, than using the cheapos. Big P says it worth it since these are for our family and namely our children.

I did a couple of preschool activities with L.2.B. this morning - recognizing numbers and some letters and just having a good time with him. He's a funny boy!

Trying to figure out how to squeeze in a camping trip this month and just don't think its going to happen, but we are going for Thanksgiving.

Okay, I've rambled enough.



onehm said...

What a beautiful blog!!

To answer your questions:
We ARE doing mini-sessions. And yes, we are charging. Nominal fees...TONS of fun!
We both had an interest in photography. zb suggested this blog so that we could improve our talents, and we both admit that the biggest improvements have been made since we started it because we have been taking pictures every day! It makes such a difference to get out and do it!
Thanks for the interest! We love that you are enjoying our photo a day blog!!

Caryn said...

Christine, I came across your blog in your siggy at Scrap Matters - I went straight to read your post because I saw the username "inhisgrip" and isn't...... is it!?? It can't be.... let me go see.... OOOOOOOO - IT IS!!! She's a born again believer!!!

LOL. Anyway, I was excited to see that you're a fellow MFW user too, and that you're interests (by what you're reading ;) look to be similar to mine :)

Wow. Amazing how God leads us to others who are sisters in Christ and who have similar interests, all over the net! It will never cease to amaze me.

Just wanted to pop in, and say hi to a kindred spirit :)


Anonymous said...

hey there! thanks for your comment. it's great to "meet" you. haha. i love your blog and have enjoyed all of your stuff over at SM. hope you're having a great weekend!

TanyaBee said...

WHAT is 'cream of millet'???? YOu have piqued my curiosity! :) We are big hot cereal eaters here, so please dish! :) I miss you and value your friendship so much! love Tanya Bee

Hummie said...

Praise God for you for being such a positive Christian example on the internet. What a great layout....warm fuzzies to you!


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