Monday, October 6, 2008

I wanna go!

Yesterday we had the privileged of participating in the Lord's Supper at church. What a blessed time this is. We do it every month and yet it always means so much to me. This is the first time that we have had Communion since B.4.B. has been in the service with us. He immediately started talking, "what's that?" about the cracker and "hmm, that smells good" about the juice. We would explain why he couldn't have it later. We forgot! :(

This morning, he told me "Mommy, when Jesus comes back, I want to go to Heaven with him. Mommy, I want to go to heaven with Jesus. Can we do that?" (He really does talk like this! where you can hardly get in a word edgewise) I said very confidently "Yes, when Jesus comes back, we will get to go to Heaven!" (or when we die - but I didn't want to get into that with a 4 yo).

About 2 seconds later L.2.B. pipes in, "I want to go to Cici's!"

Heaven = Cici's??? Maybe to a 2 year old! LOLOL


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