Thursday, September 11, 2008

New fun layout

I've been working on organizing my digi supplies again, but couldn't help but take a break and make this layout. i've been working on it on and off since yesterday. It was a template challenge at Scrapmatters. I think I've picked Scrapmatters as my one place to hang out and do challenges. The challenges are fun and you get freebies. For this one, you got two freebies - the template and then a participation prize, which is a black plastic alphabet. But, I think from now on, when I do the challenges, I'm going to aim to use the photos for the album that I am currently working on. Kill two birds with one stone, per say. P.9.G. shot most of these photos the other day. I made B "pose" by doing the walking away photo that is blended into the paper on the bottom of the layout. I think the photos are absolutely adorable, and made even better by a fun layout. Have I told you lately that I'm completely hooked on digi scrapping? This layout won't go in my current album, because I'm only doing that one up through his first birthday.

Okay, so the layout... (would love to know what you think)

The journaling says:

Brason gets on these kicks where he may be a mail carrier one day, an entomologist the next, and then a cowboy the next. It's so precious. All other things stop when he gets an idea in his head. He gets very creative and will craft up any sort of costume out of anything that he can get his hands on. For this ensemble, it started with Christian's fedora. He turned it into a cowboy hat. He then wanted his jeans on and later found Paige's boots. After that he grabbed some paper and rolled it up and stuck it in his pocket. I'm not sure what that was, but he thought it was very important. And alas a hanger became his gun. What a creative boy he is. And he's silly, too.


Tasha said...

And that's all I have to say about that.

Anonymous said...

Here's what Jeni, the creator of the template had to say about the layout on the Scrapmatters forum. Makes me smile from ear to ear.

inhisgrip - HOLY MOLY that's awesome!!! Wow! I love the blended picture and your little journaling square. So great!


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