Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our mini-weekend

Big P and I had our wonderful mini-weekend and returned home tonight. The reason that I say it was our mini-weekend is because my gracious in-laws watched our 4 oldest children from Friday at 1 until we picked them up Saturday evening. We stayed at a local hotel for the night that was close to their home. We just did normal stuff. Costco was on our list of things to do to exchange an item, so we did that together and had a wonderful time just browsing, without anyone really needing our attention. A.2m.B. was with us, of course, but he just enjoyed being in the slingezee the whole time.

We ate yummy food and Big P bought me some new outfits, but most of all we just enjoyed talking uninterrupted. Our main discussion was on our upcoming Planning weekend, which I will have to post about later.

Last week big P even brought me roses!!!! Pics of that will be in my July roundup and photo a day post.

It's good to be home, but most of all we are just glad to have our babies back. It's funny how you really want a little break, but you can miss them sooooo much. C.12.B. had been away from us all week, while helping at a day camp at Dallas Heritage Village. He stayed with my in-laws and they took him back and forth.

Busy week coming up...

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