Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cleaning out the barn...

Not on purpose! Our dog, Titan, has decided that it's time to clean out the barn. Big P paid C.12.B. and his friend A a couple of months ago to move a TON of junk into our trailer to haul to the dump. This was stuff that had gotten water damaged and was no longer usable. The left over stuff that needed to be gone through was left in the barn. Apparently our dog has decided it's high time that we cleaned it out, so he started hauling stuff out into the yard and "going through it" (read this: tearing it up!). So, every couple of days, C.12.B. has to get out there and bring stuff in. Last night, when Big P got home from work, he brought in a ton of memorabilia. These were pictures that were from high school and before. I had never realized how many movies I went to as a teenager. I kept all the tickets and wrote on them who I went with.

I decided that I needed to salvage some of these photos that had been water damaged to keep as much integrity in them as possible.

Here are a couple that I scanned in.

My daddy, mama, and me. :)


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