Monday, July 28, 2008


I'm taking a little break to organize all of my digi scrapping supplies. I should have done this as soon as I started, but I didn't - so I'm paying for it now. I download tons of freebies that I really like. if I don't really like it, I don't download it - free or not. JUst the same as I wouldn't buy paper supplies I didn't like. And often if I got freebies I didn't like - I would pass them off or throw them away.

I'm using the ideas from Roxanne Paxman at She explains these in the 15 things digital scrapbookers should know free ebook available on the website. I'm going to be pairing this with picasa2 for a great way to search for just what I am looking for. She is supposed to be coming out with a picasa tutorial soon.

My mom and dad came over this weekend (and my sister on friday night) and we scrapped. I helped her layout about 18 pages for her Christmas album. She ended up doing 8 of them on Saturday afternoon! Woohoo!!! I just worked on organizing when she was doing layouts. :( Oh well, I know the time spent on it will pay off.

Well, I'll be off the computer until this evening. I'm training little boys today! We are going to do church training after lunch today. Brason will be going into church with us at the end of August, so this is something we really need to do. We will work on it daily while Daddy (Big P) teaches us from the word. We might even download some of the pastors sermons to listen to as well. We have missed a few this summer.

We start school on Monday, so I'll be organizing that this week as well. I'm so excited to get started on our new curriculum!!

Won't be around much and just wanted to say "hey" to anyone that reads my blog.


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