Thursday, August 28, 2008

We're in the movies..

Not counting the movie where I publicly embarrass myself for the sake of showing a few people how to do dishes. We really are going to be in a movie!

I must digress: I'm going to try to make this post while 4 of my children run around the house on their "camping trip" where they have lost the 2 year old and they are "searching" for him. All this is going on with my 4 yo and 2 yo not having any sort of a nap. Needless to say, bedtime will come early for them as they are a little... well... GRIPY! In fact, I'm learning how to homeschool with littles ones awake, which has been interesting, and I still have much to learn. We do our reading (history, science, art, music, notebooking) in the afternoon, while they nap. I can't wait until Fall, when they can get some of that built up energy out. It will be nice for all of us to spent some time outside. I won't punish them by making them go outside now! LOLOL Okay, now that I'm through with that little rabbit trail, back to the story.

A friend of mine emailed me the other day that they were having a movie shoot nearby and needed extras. When I started reading the email, I immediately knew what it is was about. The two young producers are homeschooled boys who produce Christian films, were featured in our local paper several months ago.

Okay, I'm coming back to this about 4 hours later! Haha!

Well, anyone who knows me knows that I wouldn't attempt an afternoon and evening outdoors in the Texas August heat with 5 children in tow for anything - except for Christ. Going to this was more than being in a film. It was about standing up for Christian film making and supporting those who are putting these films together.

Just before we were set to leave, it started pouring down rain here and I thought for sure it was off. I called the phone number on the website to confirm. God had a different plan - everything was a go and there were clear skies all around the filming location - just 20 miles from our home!

Everyone loaded into the car and we headed out (with PFOGs in tow!). When we arrives it was all hands on deck and we set up the family for what we thought was going to be a short thing. We were there about 2 1/2 hours - and my littles were PERFECT for about an hour and half. I have to notate that this is a very good thing and a result of our practice church training at home, because B.4.B. will be in church with us starting next Sunday.

The whole process was so interesting and I could see the wheels turning in C.12.B.s head the whole time. It was so very cool because several men, and the young producers got on stage to talk about the purpose of the film and to bring glory to Christ. They requested everyone dress modestly in "business casual" for men and boys and long skirts and dresses for the girls and ladies. A whole youth group showed up from a local church who must have missed that part of the message :(. P.9.G. later told me that she felt sorry for the girls and the fact that they don't dress modestly, because they didn't realize what they were showing off. Wow!

As I drew out the camera to take some pics, I realize the batteries were dead! The kidlets had been doing some film making of their own and failed to charge them. Hello! So I grabbed my phone and started taking some pics, but have since found out that I may not be able to get them off my phone! urg.

It was really incredible to see all that goes into this process. You can see us in a couple of pictures on the website - .

I'm so glad we went. Oh, and the weather? It was perfect! It really wasn't that hot. There was a bit of shade where we were and a nice breeze. God was definitely giving mama a break. Heehee.


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