Monday, August 11, 2008

Week 1 of School

I'm learning even more how life is school. You'd think after 7 years, I'd already know this, but I feel that our schooling choices have progressed over the years. I'm so glad that we chose My Father's World again this year. We are doing Exploration to 1850, which is year 4 in the 5 year history rotation. We had started year 1 a few years ago, but we were trying to juggle it with Homesat and it was just very difficult to do. I LOVE how this year is going. We have fully completed week 1 - and according to schedule! Heehee!

We started week 2 this morning and talked about memorizing God's Word. We will start memorizing tomorrow. Our goal is memorizing the whole book of James this year and Big P is going to do it along with us. I didn't ask him - he volunteered! Wow - What a Man!!!

I love how MFW eases you into the school year. I love that part! The Charlotte Mason approach is definitely perfect for our family. I think this is because I have at least 2 very different learners and this approach meets both of them where they are. We are also really loving notebooking. I think we have realized that lapbooking (and making the tiny books) aren't our thing, but notebooking is perfect for us.

P.9.G. gets to start in her new level of math today. She is very excited! C.12.B. will start in his new level on Wednesday - he's psyched about it, too. We start Art and Spanish today, too. God and the History of Art looks great. Perfect for my oldest son, who doesn't like art, but loves history! I'm going to ask him to try to do some of the art projects and I believe it will challenge him some. We are using Rosetta Stone again. We purchased the complete setup this spring and we all love the layout. We used it through a library before, but they are discontinuing that program.

I think that's about all right now. ;) Until next time.


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