Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life is school

..but I do love curriculum and MFW is the closest thing to life and learning that we have experienced in a VERY LONG TIME.

Loving Rosetta Stone! I'm doing it along with my big kidlets. I love how it doesn't tell you how to do ANYTHING, but you figure it out and this is exactly how you would learn if you lived in the country where the language is.

Loving God and the History of Art. Wouldn't have looked into this curriculum at all before, but we are really enjoying it. Now we know why people would use oils verses water colors and why still life paintings started having less detail! Wow!

My little boys are loving time with Mommy as well. We have been working with our activity bags every day and they just love this time. I'm seeing that my 2 year old knows a lot more than I thought he did. My 4 year old is getting pretty handy with the scissors as well.

We are a very happy brood here!


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