Tuesday, August 5, 2008


That's approximately how much of my husband's hard earned money Starbucks has seen over a year. He likes to say that it is our money, but when I've been spending it like that - unnecessarily - it's his money that I'm wasting!! That's estimating 3 drinks for myself and 1 for Big P each week over the last year. That's INSANE. And I can't believe I'm posting it on my blog. But, it's my attempt at humbling myself and getting real enough to see that their drinks, albeit very yummy, are EXTREMELY overpriced. Recently I won a $25 gift certificate to starbucks. The sweet ladies just put it into my paypal account to use how I wanted. I should have done a better job at how it was used, but here's how I have used it: $2.50 used to purchase 2 of Yin's Templates, treating Big P and myself to a SB drink Sunday after church, $6.95 for a huge bottle of their caramel syrup, and I have $5.78 left on it. I plan to give that to Big P to use for my requested anniversary gift - one of their coffee tumblers that you change the insert on. That's how I won the contest, so I really should own one! LOL

This is my simple attempt to try to lure people away from Starbucks, or at least use them as a very AND I MEAN VERY special treat. Special doesn't mean grocery day with all 5 of your children - which happens weekly. Special, as in your 12th anniversary (mine is on Sunday!!), your birthday, etc.

So, I have been working on recipes for my coffee drinks at home. When I come up with one that is a rave, I'll post it here. Tweaking one from a friend of mine right now.


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Cyndi146 said...

Okay... so I know you posted this waaaaaaay back, but mine let's me know when I have a comment so I'm hoping yours will too. I was just sort of browsing your blog :) Saw the debt elimination tag. We don't have a lot of debt but we're finding it getting more expensive to live as the kids get older (we have 4). Bravo to you for making these changes. I've cut out the Starbucks too, for the most part. Spent the last of a gift card just tonight though :) Did you come up with some great coffee drinks to make at home? I love the Pumpkin Spiced Creamer that most regular grocery stores carry. And last grocery day saw Peppermint Mocha creamer (coffeemate brand) which is soooo yummy! I work the coffee counter at church a couple Sundays a week and have learned to make some great mochas. But hard to do without the nifty little capuccino machine (watching for a cheapy on craigslist). Anyway, this turned out to be a really long comment! Let me know about the coffee ideas. I always love to try something new. Great to have you over at SM. Congratulations on making the Scrap Matters Gang! The more believers the better :)


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