Friday, August 15, 2008

Dishwashing 101 video

We had a great time shooting this video. It may sound completely dorky to some of you, but washing by hand was new to me. Thanks to all the people over at the RDE yahoo group, I was able to get started. We've learned a lot over the past few weeks. Hope this will give you some help - or a chuckle.



Anonymous said...

how funny. i'll bet somebody out there learns how to wash dishes from you guys. you did a great job, but you need to redo it because you can get a dishpan at dollar tree for a DOLLAR!!!. loved Brason licking the spoon. what a big helper...........Mary

Tasha said...

So neat! You wash dishes much like me...I do cups, bowls, plates, silverware, and pots! Who would have thought. I enjoyed watching your video. We haven't gone so far as to dry them by hand yet, but we wash/rinse and put in dishwasher to dry (not turning it on).
Loved It!


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