Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Away for the week...

I haven't been on the computer much (less than 15 minutes total) since Saturday night. Needed to take a break. Yes, I'm missing out on many great freebies on the digiscrapping arena, but I'll live! LOL I've been sick with a stomach virus, but that's not what has kept me off - it's just the fact that I needed to take a step back and analyze the amount of time that I was spending on the computer. In the past few days we have been able to do a lot, even with me down. I'm getting back up to speed - just in time for DH to return to his normal work schedule. His new office is complete and he will be going in tomorrow. We are all sad, but glad that it is happening for just two days, until his next day off. We've enjoyed him being home, being with us, and the extra pair of adult hands has been wonderful. We'll survive!! I'm learning to just take it to God when things get crazy loud around here. I'll admit that I usually seek solice in the computer, but no longer!!! I've enjoyed some really wonderful times with my children the last few days and it has been awesome. Lots of reading, lots of resting, and fun activities, too.

I started K with B.4.B. on Monday. It's a pretty quick time as MFW wants you to get just ease them. Did I mention that I love that?! He loves it, too!! THe first 10 days is on Creation, to set the foundation for the rest of the year, when we learn about all the things that God has created A-Z. It's been fun!! I'm glad I waited until we were at week 3 with our big kiddos in Exploration to 1850. We started a read aloud this week, that so perfectly accompanies the rest of the study. I'm loving the Charlotte Mason blend. It's like the perfect balance between Sonlight and KONOS, both of which we struggled with. I don't want to leave my littles out. I couldn't seem to change that with Sonlight. And as we started to add to our family, KONOS was far too overwhelming. Did I also mention that we love the Book Basket idea from MFW. They even give you a list of books that they suggest, but even when I wasn't able to find those exact titles, I grabbed something from that same area in the library - viola!

I also received my copy of The Complete Tightwad Gazette on Friday. I've been able to do some reading in it and am psyched. I used to own this book, but when we were contemplating our RV move, I sold it in haste. :( Paid double for it what I had before, but still pretty cheap!

Well, this post is turning out longer than I intended. I think people are actually coming to my blog. I put up a stat counter, because I didn't want to keep blowing hot air with no one actually reading. Not many seem to comment, so you never know. Now I do! Heehee!


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