Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Debt Elimination

Here are some of the simple changes that we have been making lately to save money money and pay off our debt quicker.

  1. handwash all dishes. I was and P.9.G. dries and puts away. It is working beautifully and we do it twice a day.
  2. reducing grocery budget. we have stopped getting raw milk and are majorly reducing our grocery budget by simplifying meals. I'm also only going to be going grocery shopping once per month and then stopping for fresh veggies and fruit after church on Sundays at the little market.
  3. raising the thermometer. We live in Texas and it is hot here! HOT! We raised it up to 77 degrees and it has been there for several days. This morning I raised it up 1 degree and Big P said "I can feel it!!" So, I've promised to put it on 77 while he is here.
  4. Big P has been working from home for a few weeks - this is week 3. He will be here at least 1 more week. They are doing some construction at his work and their desks are in major upheaval. It has drastically reduced our gas bill.
  5. Reduced our Netflix plan from 3 at a time to 2.
  6. No more starbucks! LOL See previous post.
  7. Big P fixed the shower - which was costing us quite a bit in water monthly. The dripping (excuse me, constantly flowing) water didn't bother me, but I kept seeing dollar signs in my mind.
  8. Taking food and water with us when we get in the car. Today, Big P is going up to work to pick up his new pager. He took 4 of the kidlets with him. They packed crackers, apples, water. And when they were on their way out the door, I shoved 1/2 a loaf of bread in their bag! LOL Don't stop!!!!!!!
We are doing this with the encouragement of The Boynton's from Radical Debt Elimination. We are still going through the book and Big P has been working on our debt worksheet. This is where you fill in all that you owe, APRs, etc.

Just thought I would share...


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psalm127 said...

Great Job. I have been buy through a coop and costco. I grind my own wheat for anything made with flour. I started hanging clothes out on a line.(took DH about 4 years go put up a line but I love the money I have been saving)Cloth diapers, cloth mamma pads and things like that. I keep my house at 77 also. I tried 78 but it was too much. Maybe next year. lol


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