Friday, November 28, 2008

Updates and Layouts

Okay I remembered earlier today that I had not given an update on my blog about my dad or my big boy! I had sent out a prayer request to a few close friends, but that's it.

Update on my dad: He's out of the hospital, but not feeling well. He'll see a pulmonary specialist on Monday. :( Please keep him in your prayers.

Big boy: On the day of the surgery, he woke up in recovery and I was trying to talk to him. He said "Mom, can I smile?" And he did! That was the worst of the complications from this surgery - facial paralysis. I said "Yes, you can smile!!!" He was so happy and I was praising the Lord right along with him. He said "thank you God!" There was a delay in getting him out of the hospital, because he couldn't hold anything down. It was because they had done the surgery so close to his inner ear and he was getting dizzy every time he would move. The doctor eventually had to call in some phengran for him. That helped and yesterday was so much better. Today was even better. He is still in pain at times, but the dressing was able to come off and he is doing well. We even played cards tonight! Praising God for doctors when we need them!

Please keep my dear friend Tanya in your prayers. She's 2 weeks past her EDD (doctor's) and 9 days past her calculated EDD. Either way - she's ready to have this baby and I'm ready to be there for her!!!

The Scrap Matters site was very slow today - flooded with people! I was glad i was inside the house shopping instead of at Walmart! Did you hear about that poor man that was trampled to death? All in the name of greed!!!!! It really turned my stomach to read that!

Oh, I forgot to mention that we decided against our camping trip on Wednesday because of Bubbs' surgery and recovery.

On a better note, I was able to do a black friday speed scrap tonight and I love how the Layout turned out. This is our new Mr. Coffee Espresso maker - $27.99 at walmart!

So, here's my SS layout (linked to SM for credits)(template is Sya's blueprints and the papers and elements are from the FREE daily download on Scrap Matters!!!):

These are for Digi Keepsakes new kits (using Monica's templates as well). These aren't linked as they don't really have a home right now. Monica has her new kits in the grab bag (shhhh! LOL) and so we haven't uploaded layouts - but I'm so excited with the way these turned out!

This one is using Monica's kit Delightful Refreshment, but it is not a new kit and this isn't her template. I was playing around with some of her goodies before she uploaded her new kits. Funny thing is, the place where we stayed was called Times of Refreshing! LOL


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Latte-n-Libre said...

I am glad to hear that your dad is doing better. Please keep me updated so I can continue to pray specifically.

Glad to hear that bubbs surgery and recovery went well.

I laughed at the beaded sock layout because Lady "M" is now wearing those socks!


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