Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Whatever will be...will be

Although we voted for McCain and Palin, I know fully that whoever God deems necessary for President will win this election. Our Pastor sent this out today and I think John Piper captures the essence of my views on this election. In fact, I was just saying a few days ago to much of our family that I pray that Christian's won't be upset if Obama wins and that I hoped they wouldn't think that all of a sudden God isn't in control. He is most definitely in control and He purposes are way bigger than ours.

Though, I don't see how a Christian could vote for Obama. The moral issues are against God and have more of a Darwinian, Humanistic, Socialist ring; and the non-moral issues shouldn't be a concern to those that trust God (healthcare, economy, etc.).

And now to John Piper:


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