Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm (my handwriting!) famous

Okay, before I dive into the subject of that little title, I thought I'd update on how the retreat went. It was FABULOUS!!! That's red for Rubies, of course! Nancy was superb, of course, her message was timeless and so encouraging. She did a point by point on Isaiah 40:11 about the shepherd and how this relates to mothers and mothering. It was beautiful! We also got to hear not one, but 2 incredible messages from Vange. And Serene and Pearl graced us with their beautiful encouraging music - many of the songs from their new CD, This is Our Road, which is a CD with all songs about marriage. On Friday night, when getting ready to purchase the items I wanted from the book table, I realized my money was missing! All of it! I was discouraged, but held on to the fact that it dropped somewhere in the dining hall or the conference room and that God really knew what was best. I kept holding to the Philippians 4:6-7, Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, make your requests known to the Lord... I had done a digital framed print of this verse with Bible Art to give to Nancy, the girls, my dear friend Kelly who had organized the retreat, and one for a giveaway.

And while looking through the directory on Saturday afternoon, P.9.G. found the money!!!! There is much more to the story, but suffice to say that I'm married to the greatest man on earth - I'm fairly certain you already know this since I've mentioned it many times before (heehee!) and he was not upset with me for losing the money, but encouraged me to continue to have a good time. Wow! I'm sure he was super excited when I texted him to tell him that I had found it, though :P

And on to my title... Several weeks ago I had my handwriting made into a font by Darcy Baldwin so that I could use it on my digital layouts. I'm fairly certain I blogged about it. Hmmm. Anyway, I purchased the non-exclusive font (since it was cheaper) which means that she can turn around and use it to either sell or giveaway, if she likes it. I teased Big P that I would be honored to have my handwriting chosen to be sold! And guess what?! I was browsing the sweet shoppe site and I found this!!!

How cool is that?! Yes, I'm the sweet one! Heehee! And that's my little star and heart doodles. (Image is linked) I used this font for the names in the directory that I did for the retreat, because I kept thinking that the retreat had such a homey feel last year and I wanted to recreate that in the directory. I also used really cool stitched frames by Britt-ish designs for the pics!

Last week we had a serious cold thing going through the house. When I left on Friday and then called to check on everyone later, Big P was sick :(. I'm feeling better and all that remains of that is now with my big boy, C.12.B. and one of my little boys, B.4.B. But, we brought home a stomach virus from the retreat. :( P.9.G. was down with that all day. I'm going to be heading to bed soon after taking 2 - 1 hour naps today! Got a surprising amount done today around the house - although it doesn't look like it now! LOL

Oh, one more thing. I hooked up with a sweet friend I had made at last year's retreat and we both brought our Dulcimers and were played a bit on Saturday afternoon! She's taken some classes and was showing me some strumming and cords and it was really cool. It's encouraged me to get the dulcimer out and put it to use! :) We are going to learn this thing!

That's it for now... Have a blessed week!



Raye Ann said...

Ok you know the scripture about not coveting. Well I have been having a hard time with that one this weekend.
I am glad you had a great time. Maybe next year we can both go.
I love your handwriting. That is so cool. Since it is similar to mine I can just buy yours and not have to pay to have mine made up. LOL

Krisi and Adam said...

Very cool about having your handwriting a font for sale.

Anonymous said...

How cool is that! Your handwriting for sale! That's my talented girl.



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