Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More freebies, more layouts, and more life

First I want to ask for a special prayer for my dad. He's in the hospital right now with pulmonary hypertension. We went to see him this afternoon and had a special visit. My sister then came and then my mom. The room was quite full with all of us but he was so glad to have all of us together. The only one missing was my sweet hubby (a.k.a. the most incredible man in the world).

I also want to ask for a special prayer for my big boy (our newly named - arrow). He is having surgery on his ear on Wednesday morning. Please keep him in your prayers for precision on the doctor's part and quick and full recovery for him.

Life - we made a family mission statement last night (Sunday). Big P, our arrow (C.12.B.) and our girly blessing (P.9.G), and I sat down and talked about what our family's purpose is and tried to define our activities - what needed to go, what needed to stay, and whether to add anything or not - all based on our family's mission.

We summarized our family's mission into this statement:

To serve God and each other by the wise use of our time; to walk through the goals set forth that will allow us to come into our full God given callings.

And in normal people terms - get rid of the unnecessary junk that has no eternal purpose!

Okay - more layouts:

If you are still with me... I have some super exciting news to share, but I can't share it yet. No, we aren't expecting. It's not that good. It's good, just not that good!

And the freebies - they aren't from me but they are from Scrap Matters awesome designers, which means they are excellent!!! And I've seen the whole kit (a big perk for being on the SMG) and it is awesome!!

Here's the info:

If I don't get on here before Thursday - have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!



Anonymous said...

I love the layouts. You are getting so good. This looks so much easier than the way I do it or really don't do. lol


Amy Kirby said...

Praying for Uncle Jay. Keep us updated please. I didn't know he was in the hospital.

You are so darn creative!!! Love all the digital scrapbook stuff!

Waiting to hear your news...you have peaked my interest...


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