Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm just going to compile a few random thoughts... (that's how my mind works, in case you haven't figured that out yet - randomness)

Was I surprised about the election? No. This is what I figured would happen. Obama really said many things many people wanted to hear. Well, they wanted Change - they are going to get it. We are all going to get it.

Our church is having a prayer service tonight to pray for our nation's future. I'm sorry that I won't be able to attend. There isn't a nursery and with Big P working at night, it's just too much for me with all the littles.

So, I'll be praying here. We are seeking God's direction for what we should do to prepare for the changes that our country may be facing. For months there has been talk about homeschool parents needing a degree to teach their children (since that thing in California). Big P proposed to me this morning that we need to think about me pursuing a teaching certificate. Although we totally and fully believe in the Sovereignty of God, we also believe that He wants us to abide by the law (unless that law disagrees with His law, of course). There may come a time that I will need that certificate in order to teach my children at home. I'd rather be in the offense than the defense. One minor problem - you have to have a Bachelor's degree before you get a teaching certificate. Hmmmm.... don't have one of those. So, yes, I'd be starting from scratch. Thankfully we know about College Plus and course credit via the CLEP and Dantes.

On to another subject....

The challenges over at Scrap Matters are incredible. This Monday a challenge was posted by Britt to do a layout on a movie (favorite, recently seen, etc.). Although I would have never thought to do a layout on Fireproof before, this really was an important thing for us and so I did.... (this will go into Things We Do) when I get my Library of Memories set up. Image is linked for credits or if you want to read the journaling.

I'm done with my little sister's pages for her birthday. She's not really little - she's going to be 24 on Saturday. I can't reveal those yet, though.

I ordered all the pages for B.2.B.'s baby book. So excited to get those. They will be going into a Creative Memories album. I have some pages from what was going to be B's baby album along with some wedding pages and I'll just be taping my digital layouts on top of those. I'm having them printed on a glossy paper, in the width of a CM album, so I think it will work well.

I'm seriously considering going to the 3 ring American Crafts albums that Stacy Julian suggests. Either those or the Stampin' Up albums. Hmm, decisions decisions.

I've been working on some Slow and Steady Get Me Ready activities with the boys. I hope to scrap pictures of those tonight during the speed scrap.

Well, I need to feed my crew, so I better get.



makuahine said...

Hi! I came from scrapmatters...

I, too, am disappointed about the elections but I know that He is in charge. It is interesting you mention the homeschooling and teacher's certificates. I wonder if your state is different than mine because from what I understood here, it's 3 years of school for basic teacher's certificate and that's not quite a Bachelor's degree. I do have an Associate's degree but it's in liberal arts and I don't know what it would take for me to get a Bachelor's or certificate and what not. I have one boy so far, in Kindergarten, that I'm homeschooling.

Well, we'll just be sure to pray pray pray! I like that your church is having a prayer service for the country! If I wasn't sick I would have gone to mine tonight, I wonder if they did anything like that...

Also interesting you'd mention Fireproof ;-)
Our church rented out a theater for this Saturday to see it. All tickets are sold out and I may end up giving mine to my father-in-law. Already was going with my mil but it might be better for the two of them to go together. I keep getting thwarted at going anyway, ha, I can always rent it! Great layout!!

Me said...

Yes, unfortunately change is coming...BUT it also means revival and that God is getting ready to wrap this all up! Then we can meet! Great LO by the way! Are you going to go for your BA? How are you going to do that with little ones at home?

Lady of the Shoe... said...

I love your Fireproof page, Christine. Todd and I just went to see that movie on Friday night (it just came to Vermont!) and I blogged about it. It is by far, the best movie I have ever seen and I have been telling everyone about it. Todd and I both bawled our eyes out. What a moving film! We, too, have a wonderful marriage, but were able to walk away with some new refreshing thoughts toward each other and our relationship.


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