Monday, December 1, 2008

Challenge: Day 1

Well I didn't make it by 10:30 but I'm so exausted I'll be falling
asleep fast. I'm posting this via my phone so I'll make it quick.

Went to sleep about 10 last night after an incredible day with my dear
friend Tanya and her VBA4C birth. More on that later.

This morning couldn't get up before the boys so had by "quiet time"
singing Jesus Loves Me and praying.

Exercised tonight holding baby A about 1/2 the time. He weighs over 20
lb. So do I get to count that for an hour???? Haha

Going to bed now!

Whose doing the challenge with me? I know my friend Mary is out
there. Anyone else?


Tasha said...

I've been doing the challenge and totally forgot I was doing the challenge. I didn't get my 30 min. with God today, gonna sit at my desk and pray for at least 15 min. before it gets busy. Thanks for the accountability!!!

Latte-n-Libre said...

I am doing the challenge.

Sunday- got everything done
Monday- went to bed late while talking to mike- but only by an hour which is great for me. Didn't get my exercise in and didn't get my quiet time done- basically blew the day.

I do know that I am taking the challenge serious and will certainly aim to meet my goal daily.


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