Monday, December 8, 2008

Sorry it's been so long {Freebie Alert}

Sorry it's been so long in updating my blog. We've had a lot going on around here. My big boy ended up with an infection in his ear about a week post surgery. We were in the ER and they began treating him for staph infection. Two days later we saw the dr. again and when the culture results were in, they found that it was not Staph, but another more rare bacteria. We have no idea how he got the infection, but I have to admit that I felt like an awful mother, even though we had done everything we were told to do. He is now on 2 oral antibiotics and a antibiotic ointment. Big P took him to the dr. today and things are looking really good. We are to stay on this regimen and come back next week. He is on acidophilus also - to counter some of those antibiotics are doing to his little body.

He also started Scouts last week! He was in Tiger and Bear cubs, but when we moved, we never found another pack for him to be in. After really trying to get involved in 4-H, we just determined that it was much more competitive than we felt comfortable with. So, we are doing Scouts again and he is there to stay. We are also starting up a new Keepers at Home group for P.9.G. and some friends from church.

Here's a pic of C.12.B. in his new uniform!!! Isn't he handsome?!

On my challenge:

Hmm, not going so hot. Last week really messed up my schedule and it was just sketchy after that. I'm excited to announce that Big P will be going back to days in June. At that point, he will have been on nights for almost 3 1/2 years. This was a decision that he made through prayer, but with my total support. Although I really have wanted him to do this for a long time, I've left it alone for a year now. I wanted it to be something that he decided and not by my nagging. So, I'm trying not to count the days, but am really looking forward to it and think that it's going to be able to help our family, our schedule, his sleep, my sleep, etc. It has truly been a blessing for our family, though, so I'm not complaining - just ready for a new season. And as far as late night scrapping, well.... LOL

So, on that note, here's a freebie for sticking with me through all of that. I made it tonight. I honestly have no idea who the lady is that said it, which is why I put that so small on the wordart. I wouldn't have put it there at all, if I was not really into legality! LOL I loved the quote, though. but before I give you the freebie, you have to see the layout that I did with it! Haha

Full Credits

Okay, here it is for real! Image is linked to 4shared.

I do have many more layouts to share and this weekend we cut down our Christmas tree and decorated it and had a wonderful time! I have tons of pictures, but really to load each one up here is such a drag, so I hope to make some layouts this week and I'll show them off then.

I'm also working on making up some routines and stuff using Homeschooling at the Speed of Life. Great book, by the way! Very sound Biblically, too!!


Tasha said...

I love it!!! So happy to see God at work in your family. You all are a blessing!

NaomiLynne said...

What a sweet quote! I love your layout! Thanks for sharing the freebie! Hope C.12.B is feeling better soon, thanks for sharing the prayer request. Talk to you soon!

alamama said...

Sure hope your son's feeling better real soon. Great WA!


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