Tuesday, November 25, 2008

30 something challenge

In an effort to really fulfill the mission that our family has committed to, I needed to make a challenge for myself. I'm putting it on my blog for the "world" to see so that I can have more accountability for it. Hubby works nights and thus doesn't have the time to "check" my bedtime. So, this is a drastic accountability measure.

As we near the busy holiday season, isn't it important for us to be on our up and up, our best, most energized self? Isn't this important in our motherhood, as well. I've put these three things in order to have that for myself. And while I do realize that many people don't have the same spiritual convictions and beliefs that I do, I encourage you to do as much of this challenge as you can. If you don't have a quiet time with God, I would suggest that you spend some time in prayer and open your heart.

What I have found out is that this a big cycle. I can't do #1 if I don't do #3. I can't do #3, if I don't do #2. And #1 inclines me to do #2.

So, post the challenge banner on your blog if you feel so inclined. Make sure and upload it to your photobucket account before posting it on your blog.

p.s. all the papers and elements to make the banner are from Erica Zane's Secret Sage kit - available at Scrap Matters.com.


1 comment :

Anne of Alamo said...

do I have to stay up til 10:30 woo hoo
we all go to bed at 8:30 here...ha ha
good goals and before new years...go girl it will help..
I consecrate my bedtime to enable my time with God in the morning...
a cycle!


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