Wednesday, January 26, 2011


...and a lot of time. That's what it has taken me to fix up my blog. I'm recovering from surgery, so I figure it's okay. I did figure out a lot of stuff in the process. Maybe my Sis will let me play around with her blog? She's getting married. Wonder if we can find something wedding-ish... :)

Still have a ways to go. Need to tweak a pic of our family. We were going to have family pics made this last weekend. It was a Christmas present from my Sis. I ended up with hernia surgery instead. Fun! So, I'll have to put something else up there until we have those made when it gets a little warmer (and prettier).

Also have to work on those categories and get them streamlined.

And I need to add a link to the website where I got this goody - Shabby Miss Jenn's.

Check out the cool post divider! Rad, huh? Just googled on how to make these changes and viola. There are a ton of moms out there figuring out how to tweak their blogs and they post tutorials all the time!

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Kimbo said...

Awe :) Love the new style. Since I use wordpress as my blog now, I'm still finding out new things about it, but it's not as easy as blogspot lol

Get to feeling better sis!
Love you!

Blessed beyond a doubt.. said...

Your buttons don't link anywhere???

Tiff said...

Okay well I bought a blog kit from that site like 7 months ago or so maybe longer but the lady to put it on my site wanted so much money I went another route and lost the money for that blog kit but it was worth it. A nice lady name Ashley does my site now and somtime this week she is going to change it for me again it cost like 30-50 bucks depending what exactly you want her link is on my page if you want to look although after paying all that money you will prob. keep this for a long while I change mine every few months with her help she is really nice I did mention her to Kim once b4 though after she switched from this site anyhow have a good week!

Tiff said...

omg never mind I thought you meant 265 not two dollars and sixty five cents uggg I could never install it myself I can't figure out photoshop and I tried for a week b4 I gave up good for you !


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