Monday, January 24, 2011

breastmilk for baby acne

Noelle has, all of a sudden, in the last several days gotten baby acne. It was progressively getting worse. I haven't change diet or soaps. I think it might have been related to medicine or anesthesia or something - only time will tell.

Anywhoo, it was looking pretty yucky. Yet, splotchy, bumps - nasty. This morning I put some breastmilk all over her face after she nursed. Within minutes the redness started going down. When she got up from her nap, the bumps were there but no redness. Reapplied breastmilk after next nursing. Now, about an hour later and there are much fewer bumps. You would think I'd know all the ins and outs of breastmilk, but I'm constantly adding to my repertoire of knowledge concerning this miracle juice. Pink eye, bumps, scrapes, and baby acne. Hmm, what else can it work on?

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