Tuesday, January 25, 2011

co-op stands for cooperative

I failed to put all of my titles at the top of my blog because frankly I'm a little embarrassed about all the positions I hold outside of the ones most important in my life. I have learned much about balancing over the last few years. When things begin to fall, I throw out one of the balls and then continue juggling.

One of the things that I'm involved in is a growing homeschool co-op. Co-op is short for cooperative and I believe that is imperative. Things are much more calm this semester as we have more members on our board and things are just falling into place better. There are certain gifts I have and ones that I just don't posses. I'm learning to admit when there are things I just can't do - or can't do easily. I figure that if I really have to sit down and figure it out, it doesn't have a place in my life right now. This is my 2nd semester on the board. I actually took a forced maternity leave at the end of my pregnancy. The president of the co-op, who is also a dear friend, exhorted me to take it easy. Things were really stressful and I was always crying! Not good.

We need more people involved. We are growing, but we are still small - but almost maxed out. That happens when you have many large families - lots of kids, fewer parents. I'm not even "teaching" this semester but am being the "lead teacher" in the nursery with my baby girl. My sweet hubby is teaching a PTX class - Physical Training Extreme. We still need more people to step up. My good friend, Jill, is on the board as well - she is also teaching 2 classes. Most of the teachers are teaching 2 classes, some 3. Still need more!

Anywho, if you are in the "market" for a homeschool co-op, check out ours. If you don't live near here you can go to the main First Class website and, hopefully, find one in your area.

Our Homeschool Co-op

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Paperchic said...

Well, I mapquested it just to see how far it was...1 hr 26 minutes. Just a tad to far :(


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