Thursday, April 17, 2008

Modest is Beautiful!!

It was a relatively quick sew! I cut it out today and the big ones watched the little ones while I sewed it up! Actually, they were taking a nap for a while - which is why they are still awake!!

I really love the way that it turned out. It is a very easy pattern! You are basically doing the same thing over and over again. This pattern is from Fashionably Modest Patterns. There are few things that I particularly LOVED about this pattern and the product from it.
  • It's very high quality! This isn't my first time to make a swimsuit. But, last time, I was a bit disappointed that there weren't more layers - especially for the women's size. The girls pattern has an optional bodice lining/shelf, that has elastic on the bottom of the lining for growing little girl figures. Extra modesty, also, in case you pick a light colored lycra. For the woman's size, you will insert bra cups into the bodice shelf.
  • It has a sleeves option, as opposed to no option at all. There were not instructions on the other pattern for no sleeves - and I really was still learning how to sew - so I didn't dare venture out and try something new. I like that the top of this is similar to other swimsuits and I think that this one feature really makes it "blend" in a bit better at the swimming pool or water park. Yes, we are called to be set apart, and that she will still be - in a modest swimsuit that doesn't look frumpy. I really like the no sleeves part.
  • It is not hard to lengthen any part of this suit!
  • It is easy to go to the bathroom in.
  • It will be easy to nurse in (for the woman's size of course). This is different than the other one that I made in that the skirt was attached to the top and thus made it very difficult to wad everything up and lift to nurse. This is more like a "tankini" in that it is a tank top along with a skirt/short/panties combo - yes, all three pieces.
  • It has a high neckline!!!
What I may do differently the next time (or when I make mine):
  • lengthen the bodice a bit more so that it doesn't raise up when you lift your arms.
  • on a girl's size, I would consider eliminating the panty part and just doing the shorts and skirt. I had to use self-fabric lining (in other words I used the same material for the lining that the outside is made from) and it just a bit too thick. A regular swimsuit lining would have probably been better, but I couldn't find any!!
And here is a picture of the back, so that you can see that the back is also high. I'd love to know what you think!! :)

Dressing my daughter as a princess of the King,


Latte-n-Libre said...

P's swimsuit turned out so cute! I wish I had time right now to do that, but instead it looks like we will purchase this year. Too many projects "around the farm" to spend time on swimsuits. Instead my focus will be culottes this year. The material is already purchased so now i just need to make time to cut and sew. Great job c!


Smith Family said...

I love the suit. I am still learning to sew. But i want to make some for my girls maybe by next summer.

Smith Family said...

I love the suit. I am still learning how to sew. Hopefully by next summer i can have some for my girls. marcy

THZ said...

Hey Christine! WOW! I love that suit! I think it is beautiful and I love that she is learning early on how to be modest and feminine.. a lost art! You are a great mama! Tarrah From Texas Rubies

Patti said...

I can't believe this is from three years ago! I still go back to this design as the one I want my Princess to have. Do you think a relatively unexperienced seamstress could make this? I have a sewing machine but I only use it occasionally, either for very simple patterns or for stage costumes that don't have to be perfect in detail. I don't have a serger - will I have trouble with this fabric?

Christine said...

Can you believe this is my young lady, Patti? Time really does go by too fast. I'm crying now.

Anywho... it is pretty easy. You will want to take it slow and walk through each step slow and easy. You do not need a serger to make it. In fact, I just sold mine and Paige has asked me to make this for her again. I bought all sizes of the patterns all those years ago.

The material is slick, but should go through a regular sewing machine just fine. It went through mine. You need a "knit needle" - I think they are called ball point. Thanks for the prompt to get going on this. Need to order fabric for this on Friday.


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