Thursday, April 17, 2008

Colossal Clutter Cleanup: Bedroom

If you aren't familiar with Amy Verlinnich's Clean Heart Clean Home, you must get familiar!! It is beautiful for a variety of reasons - but the main one being that we are to serve God in our homes. For too many of us, clutter is just a result of a dirty heart.

When we decided to do the "living in a RV thing" we knew we would have to get rid of 90% of our belongings! When we decided to hold off on that idea, we knew that God was still expecting us to clean out stuff, but also to be content with what we had - so that we could still get out of vehicle debt.

So, while making our 3/2 double wide mobile home and TONS of land (10 acres is a ton to us!) work for our growing family, we've been doing some rearranging and of course I'm nesting like a mama bird!

So, a before of the bedroom, so that you can really get an appreciation for the end result!!

Yes, that is a bed!
That is the closets - one minus a door, because it was being used as a library for the MP room.

That's the remainder of the library! It was missing one of our bookshelves that had already been moved out, but had gained a filing cabinet!

From the opposite side of the room. Also includes the bathroom, which is done!! I didn't take a before picture of it, so you couldn't really appreciate it, but let me just tell you - I'm so excited! It is decluttered and organized now!!

And for the results of the CCC on our bedroom! Oh, you have to go to the next post for that - it won't let me post anymore pics!!!

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Latte-n-Libre said...

This is SO what I NEED to be doing right now, but instead OUTSIDE is demanding all of our attention! The slab is poured and finished for the two sheds (that still need to built) We have shingled half the chicken coop and will finish the other half this weekend. Then there are several must-do items around the outside of our house that will continue to eat up all of our time. At least I know I can look to you for encouragement since you will have just gone through the CCC! hugs, b


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