Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baby Rats in the House!!!!!

Yes, we have 5 field mice - or rats - or call them what you may - in the house! My daughter is nursing them back to health after their mama left them. She probably got eaten by one of our dogs.

This week we had 9 acres of our property mowed down in the process of getting a cow. You may wonder why we would mow if we are getting a cow, but this was yucky, weedy grass that has been growing for 2 1/2 years!! It had to come down before we could put anything on it to eat the good stuff that is going to come up.

In the process we have hacked down the home of tons of field mice and snakes. Our dogs have not had quite the compassion that our daughter has had on these creatures.

The other day, she caught one of our dogs taking care of a mama rat and found the baby off a ways. She was horrified and mad at our dog. We had to explain to her that Titan thinks he is doing us a favor - AND HE IS!!! She quickly ran to the house and got a pair of gloves and tried to get this baby to drink some milk! It died and she cried. It was so awful. She wanted to bury it and the next thing you know - she starts telling me that the thing came back to life!!! Come to find out, it was playing dead and quickly ran out of that little grave site that she had dug for it.

I'm pretty sure it isn't one of this litter of FIVE (yes, 5) mice that she found today. They were probably born today or last night. So, we have a Tupperware container with 5 baby mice on top of the dryer. She covered it with a towel and they are squealing every now and then. They are huddled together. I warned her they may not make it through the night.

I have to admit, they are really cute little things. But, you know that only lasts for a little while! Haha!

This is the life - the country life - with at least one child who loves animals. Although the little boys (2 & 4) LOVED looking at these little things, too! C.12.B. wanted nothing to do with them. He spent the day mowing the other part of our property! Did a great job and only got stuck in the mud 3 times (one time was while he was joy riding! LOL).


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