Thursday, April 17, 2008

Colossal Clutter Cleanup: Entrance

We don't really use this door as an entrance because you know they say that "Back door friends are best!", but for too long it has been used for EVERYTHING under the sun - from storage of boxes to an "office" with a school desk for C.12.B. temporarily while we moved things around.

Here's a before:

Mainly we just had a lot of winter coats that needed to come down. Nothing major - so you didn't get to see it at its worst! LOL

Just lightweight spring coats now and no toys or diapers on the floor! LOL

1 comment :

Latte-n-Libre said...

WOW! The last time I was there I believe it was full of boxes which is what mine has in it right now. That is one of the many projects that need to be handled inside the house. great job!


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